Divide-and-Conquer Seems to be Obama’s 2012 Theme

File:WWII Divide and Conquer 12.jpg
A screenshot from Frank Capra’s film Divide and Conquer (1943).
There are 10 major divides the Obama Administration has thrust on America just in time for the presidential election. For electioneering purposes, each is designed to divide the American people. The ‘divide and conquer’ scheme has worked countless times in military history.


The Pew Hispanic Center estimated 1.4 million ‘illegals’ eligible for Obama’s new announcement. Current estimates are 3 million. Congress has not yet passed this Dream Act, allowing young ‘illegals’ residency here in America, take jobs, and attend universities. Now Obama has proposed a recently announced initiative to give them US residency with other amenities. Do we now tell all naturalized Latino citizens, what they endured to become citizens, is now in vain? 


Obama is now for same-sex marriage. Even though same-sex couples yell discrimination, they are always free to get married to the opposite sex like everyone else. Instead of being deprived of marriage, same-sex couples want something they never could get—marriage with procreation. They want marriage benefits as well.  


Already, most religious icons and actions have been eliminated from public use by the Obama-supported ACLU.  Closer to home, the Asheville ACLU eliminated the word ‘Jesus’ from being said during any prayer activities.


[FNS Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)] (Food Stamp new acronym) had 46.5 million Americans participating in early 2012. SNAP caseload levels had 2.2 million more people participate in 1/2012 than in 1/2011. The people participating in 1/2012 was almost 29.6 million higher than 12 years ago.


Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith called the policies backdoor amnesty. “Nearly 2,000 illegal and criminal immigrants in Denver and Baltimore have been granted backdoor amnesty that allows them to remain and apply for work . And this administration routinely grants work authorization to 90 percent of illegal immigrants when their cases have been administratively closed.” [Obama Offers Immunity to Certain Illegal Immigrants]


The Obama administration has attacked religious liberties through the HHS mandate requiring ALL employers to provide contraception to employees. Despite Catholic morals against the ‘pill’, and many other anti-population methods, the Obama Administration forces all to pay for these methods, or face fines.


In an effort to purge racism, racial quotas, and preferences–division seems wanted, and inevitable, with Democrat initiatives. The recently started program–Unfair to be White—makes whites feel guilty for… being white. An UnfairCampaign.org web site states they want “To raise awareness about white privilege in our community, ….”    These race-based are exactly why racial strife continues.

Obvious voting records show the Democrat Party fought against every piece of civil rights legislation, including The 1957 Civil Rights Act.  Even since 1894, when the GOP fought against Democrat-passed Jim Crow laws of segregation, voter disenfranchisement (via poll taxes/literacy tests), racial terrorism (via Democrat KKK), “separate-but-equal” schools, anti-mixed-marriage laws, housing discrimination, and denial of women’s right to vote.

And, Obama/Democrats defend the abortion of 1/4 of the Black population since Roe vs. Wade.


Over a fifth of Americans [poll released last week] believe Obama is Muslim. Obama spends much time, effort, and resources supporting the Muslim cause. Nothing on his alleged Christian background. Obama was in favor of Muslims’ right to build a mosque near Ground Zero. No president should bow before a Muslim ruler–Obama has in Egypt. Obama was raised Muslim, and admits his Bible readings may not be the correct interpretation. Iman Great Sachem says according to Sharia Law he is Muslim. [BREAKING NEWS! – Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi YouTube]


Mike Baker (2/12 [AP]) reported some 24 million voter registrations have significant errors, including ~1.8 million dead people still on the rolls, and many more approved to vote in multiple states. Why do almost all vote Democrat?


A moniker first generated by the Democrats, the Obama Administration has waged the real war against women. Evidence exists on sex-selection abortions by Planned Parenthood. It’s difficult explaining to your grandchildren why  millions of girl babies were murdered voluntarily for reasons of sex selection of only boys. “This is violence against women,” said Rep. Chris Smith, R/NJ, “about the abortion of female babies.” 

You never hear that identical occupations, same skills, education, work hours, and other pay-determining factors, reveal no major differences in incomes between sexes.


Bottom line: Obama has picked Blacks, Hispanics, Catholics, women, gays, children, and criminals to divide the groups from other Americans. Divide and Conquer. A credible threat since these groups make up the majority of America. Interestingly, these groups are most hurt by every Obama initiative.

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