Obama Likely OK with a Loss in November

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.


It gets scarier yet. Even if Obama loses the presidential election in November, it’s legal and possible to be re-elected to the presidency in 2016. From all indications, his plans are to do exactly that, if election results don’t sway his way by the second time, the third should be the charm.

Considering the massive debt built in the last three years, we find it will increase beyond the $1.3 trillion mark. It is a debt that cannot be repaid by any conventional means. As a result, if Obama loses the election this November (very possible), he can come back in 2016 because he’ll convince Americans his methods will fix the expanded debt.

He will likely propose new ideas such as a new World Order to eliminate all the accrued debt. This new World Order will involve extreme socialism. The earlier economic morass will mistakenly cause millions to flee the Founding Fathers’ capitalistic society, thinking that socialism, or government interference with the free market, will finally succeed.

Obama started with $11.8 billion of taxpayer money invested in a ‘green’ agenda. The biggest culprits: Solyndra ($535M-bankrupt)Raser Technologies ($33M-bankrupt), ECOTALITY ($126M-already lost 1 million; under investigation for insider trading), Abound Solar ($400M-production halted; 180 employees laid off; bankruptcy next), Beacon Power ($43M-filed for bankruptcy), and ENER1 (hundreds of millions; bankrupt).

He has promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. But instead of a reduction, Americans saw an increase in debt. He plans to allow all of Bush’s tax cuts to expire at the end of the year. Republicans have passed 30 bills  stalled in the Democrat-controlled senate. All would create hundreds of American jobs–offshore oil exploration, easing environmental regulations, and construction of Keystone XL pipeline.

But with all the economy-busting projects, Obama’s work with Planned Parenthood has been most devastating.  Despite PP’s 2010 annual report showing a budget of $104 billion, they had a profit of $18.5M, but masquerades as a ‘non-profit’.  Over $461M already comes from government funding (taxpayers).                        

PP is being investigated by Congress, and the legal group Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has a summary report of audits of PP [http://www.adfmedia.org/files/StearnsReport.pdf?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1] given to investigative leader Congressman Stearns.

Planned Parenthood Mtg on Overbilling Govt: “We Won’t Get Caught , reveals how all of the previously assembled PP clinic directors had been guilty of fraudulent billing to the state and federal government. They were told they could all be held responsible. But they shouldn’t worry, because “we” [PP] won’t get caught.

In all family planning programs, 38 federal audits found up to $99M in overbilling. These audits detailed pre-abortion services, examinations, counseling, and improper billing for actual abortions.  An audit of NY state showed “especially Planned Parenthoods” as falsely claiming services as Family Planning.

ObamaCare Still a DisasterNo Matter How the Supreme Court may decide on Obamacare, it will likely send the taxpayers’ bill soaring past $2 trillion in 10 years. Much worse than envisioned, Obamacare would deduct abortion premiums directly from your paycheck. The ADF has a video showing how the premium could funnel up to $1B to the abortion industry.

The next administration will be forced to clean up this financial fiasco. Unfortunately, it’s only the tip of the deficit iceberg.


In World Abortion Numbers JawDropping – Charlotte Examiner.com, one understands the lost humanity from all abortions–chemical and surgical. Unfortunately, Obama’s close ties with PP has only exacerbated this human death. Calculating the loss of human life during Obama’s 4 year tenure, one gets [20 million chemical abortions/yr x 4 yrs] + [1.2 million surgical abortions/yr x 4 yrs] = [80 million + 4.8 million] = 84.8 million abortions.

If this administration, with their semi-partnership with PP, is re-elected in 2012 or 2016, what does that say about us?  Is 84.8 million American deaths a reason to elect anyone—anytime?  

What are your priorities?


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].

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