Can Marriage Be a Forgotten Art in NC?



 Bride and groom at the ruins of Sutro bath.


Bride and groom at the ruins of Sutro bath.
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Brocken Inaglory

The political decision on marriage made in North Carolina shortly will have aftershocks throughout the nation.

The political upheaval in North Carolina will crest on May 8th. That date is for the Republican primary, and on that date NC will decide if marriage is only between one woman and one man. A relationship envisioned when marriage was originally ordained.

North Carolina will be in the spotlight shortly, and many believe the way NC votes will determine the direction of the country on marriage. Six states have legalized gay marriage, and two more have authorized them, but have not yet issued licenses.

Many privileges exist for all who meet special requirements: voters, airline pilots, professional sports figures, police, firemen, Navy SEALs, etc., etc…  There always have been special requirements for certain occupations. In marriage, the requirement has always been one woman, one man. But things began to change about 20 years ago.

So many want to change those requirements for marriage. At least differently than stated by the dictionary Thorndike –Barnhart [Marriage | Define Marriage at Dictionary.com].

If you follow most of the liberal media, one would get the impression any union is acceptable, and should be afforded all the benefits of a married heterosexual couple. Opponents to Marriage Amendment 1 claim it could deny some children health insurance, and weaken domestic violence laws. In fact, nothing will change with its passage. Speculation by the anti-amendment crowd will not change existing laws with approval of Amendment 1

Amendment 1 would solidify traditional marriage as the only domestic legal union recognized by NC. Recently, law school professors at Campbell University released a paper saying legal benefits and protections for all unmarried people should remain as law as… “long as those couples are not treated as having a legal status resembling marriage.”

On 4/20, there was a crowd rally in downtown Raleigh, NC. At least 3000 people from churches and Christian schools were bussed to the Halifax Mall. The Rev. Ron Baity (President, Return America), reiterated the group had held 3 other rallies previously at that same mall. In those rallies, they begged for a referendum from lawmakers on Amendment 1.

Raleigh resident, Christian speaker, and referendum supporter Anne Graham Lotz, proclaimed support for Amendment 1 at the rally. She is the daughter of the Rev. Billy Graham.

On May 8th  North Carolina voters will have the opportunity to protect the definition of marriage as the union of one woman and one man. It is crucial for marriage as we know it to be protected. Primarily because it is an institution created by God, but also because if the idea of genderless marriage is accepted, it will have fundamental consequences on our children and the whole of society.

With requirements necessary for privileges, you don’t hear of a bank robber voting, an airline pilot panicking with an approaching thunderstorm, a baseball player needing glasses to see, or a fat jockey. Let’s hope the NC decision on Marriage Amendment 1 will continue to uphold the high standards of marriage, as well as the men and women entering into this sanctified contract.

North Carolina will likely go down in history as being pivotal in the outcome of the privilege of marriage. It’s hoped that North Carolinians will make the right vote.


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