Tebow Not the Usual "Jock"

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He’s been plastered over the TV and YouTube. The new word for his field praying on 1/17/12—“Tebowing”. In fact, YouTube showed a Couple’s Ultrasound Picture Shows Unborn Baby “Tebowing. This ultrasound was done on Elizabeth Vigil in Colorado. Her and her husband live in Denver, are ardent Bronco fans, and did a 4D ultrasound hoping to determine the sex. The observed baby’s “prayer stance” looked exactly like Tim Tebow’s, but in the womb.

Tim, as you may recall, survived a recommended abortion due to his mother’s medication for amoebic dysentery. He lived to become one of 5 kids, became the Florida Gators QB, won the Heisman as a sophomore, came in second as a senior, went on to play QB for Denver Broncos, and led them to the playoffs before finally losing to New England in a race to the Super Bowl in 2012.  

With all the surrounding hype on Tebow, one would think he’s totally ‘full’ of himself. The real story shows somebody really special exists. Even at Florida, the scripture [John 3:16] was written under his darkened eyes. In pro games, he publicly prays to God for all the blessings he receives.

He has stated he will not have pre-marital sex. He’s clandestinely charitable, truly pro-life (controversial anti-abortion ad), incredibly humble, gives credit to others for their accomplishments, and inspires others to do the impossible.  He calls reporters “mister”, which is rarely done by a pro-athlete. Unbelievably, he’s never been arrested for sexual assault, drug possession, DUI, manslaughter, aggravated battery—or any other crime to which fellow athletes succumb.

Detractors came out of the woodwork to condemn Tebow for his blurring religion and sports. Even though Tebow’s popularity became exponential, venom from the media elite was worse. They even made fun of the “Tebowing” pose taken in the above ultrasound. All of a sudden [John 15:18] immediately seems highly relevant: “If the world hates you, realize that it hated Me first.”

Tebow has a winning record in started games because he restricts mental errors. He’s over 236 lbs, and sometimes runs the ball. Not as a quarterback, but as a fullback. In his second game this year against the Cincinnati Bengals, he played receiver. After the game, Broncos coach John Fox opined Tebow “actually graded 100 percent” with his performance. But many have stated it’s all done by “divine intervention”.

Gary Bauer, (President/American Values) even explained the “Tebow Derangement Syndrome” as quite like the “Bush Derangement Syndrome”. Most remember how George W. Bush’s Christian faith became offensive to many. Ridiculed for praying before big decisions made him a special target. Calling the Bible “inspiration” showed weakness to many.

It turns out Tebow’s actions actually divide America between his critics, and those that hope their athletic heroes are truly heroes on, and off, the field. The psychology for the critics is simple–their judgment is rooted in self-inferiority. The interpretation is plain and simple: ‘we don’t want anybody to be better than we are, so let’s not deal with how bad we are’. With a secular critic, if everyone’s disreputable, then everybody can be disreputable.

For 2011, Tebow was ranked 7th out of all QBs. But he had the longest touchdown pass (80 yd), threw “0” interceptions, and averaged 9.62 yds/completion (Matthew Stafford was a distant 2nd at 8.84 yds).  Those numbers alone got peoples’ attention. Daresay, one of those was likely the Vigils’ unborn baby. He’ll live in Denver, as the child of rabid Denver and Tebow parents.

After Tebow beat the Steelers in overtime in a later thriller, columnist Matt Barber (TownHall) explained 3 statistics by Tebow: 1) 316 passing yards in game, 2) averaged 31.6 yd/ pass, and 3) TV viewing audience for last 15 minutes of game was 31.6%. Because of those specific numbers, CNN ran the whole text of [John 3:16] “For God so loved the world that he  his only Son, that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.”

The odds on having the same numbers as that quote from John are too astronomically small to comprehend: 3 different stats, in the same game, with that size audience, accomplished by the same person, in a very tight game, in overtime, beating a ‘goliath’ of a competitor, and using the combined talents of every player, coach, and manager of the Broncos to do it? The immeasurably low chances of that happening are inconceivable.

God obviously could care less about who wins any specific football game, or which team goes on to win the Super Bowl. But He does care about how one leads his whole life, honesty and righteousness in their profession, outside endeavors, and impact on fellow humans. Tebow says that it really doesn’t matter whether he’s the hero, or the goat of a game’s outcome.

He will be thanking God no matter what.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].