NAACP Attempts to Overshadow MLKJr.

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As a single drop in a water, the NAACP has started to usurp Dr. Martin Luther King’s message. Knowing what we know now, the great MLKJr would have nothing at all to do with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). In fact, MLKJr could easily say the NCAAP now represents the biggest pitfall for Blacks in achieving equal rights.

It turns out the NAACP is fine with killing/aborting Black babies, especially through Planned Parenthood. What happened to MLKJr’s words “judge people not by the color of their skin, but on the content of their character?”

MLKJr knew if America was to be great, everyone of every race must be able to share in the same opportunities. In legalizing abortion in 1974, the Supreme Court ruled a group of people, specifically children still unborn, were not entitled any legal protection at all. King’s dream became distinguished.

Legalized abortion gives people the ability to decide which kids are worthy of living, and which are not. How can Americans live with themselves, when they do not allow Black babies in the womb the basic right of life listed first in the Declaration?      

America has achieved equality of many things. Actual equality treats all human life the same. This is regardless of race, growth stage, or dependency condition. Nineteen million dead aborted Blacks later, that dream by King has become squelched for millions of Americans. Blacks only make up 12.4% of the total population, but are 30% of America’s abortions.

If MLKJr were alive today, he would be shockingly aghast with these racial injustices occurring every day. Any abortion is abhorrent, but why would there be such a compulsion behind eliminating the young Black community?

The Department of Health (NYC) found Black abortions as a disproportionate number situated in majority-black neighborhoods. Shockingly, this is true at the location of most of the nation’s abortion centers. Black Americans are a prime target of the abortion industry. It’s been determined 60% of NYC’s abortions are done on Blacks. Teens in NYC are aborted at a shocking 72% rate.

In the city of Philadelphia, their Department of Health has witnessed half of all their Black babies being aborted. The list goes on. You never hear about Congress’s investment in a group gleefully accepting donations only for Black baby abortions. Abortion seems concerned with race directly. Journalist Randy Hall knows this is true, when he realized for all of PP’s ‘documented’ clinics, 62.5% “were located in cities having a higher black population than the state.”

King’s words go on deaf ears for those who voted against California’s Prop ‘209’, Nebraska’s Civil Rights Initiative ‘424’, Washington’s (State) ‘200’, or Michigan’s Prop ‘2’. All of these proposed laws outlaw judging skin color for college admission, employment, and giving government contracts. King understood these should never enter the equation. He demanded total equality.

Pro-life activist Alveda King, often repeated her Uncle King was strongly pro-life. His stance on Black genocide by abortion (over 18 million), would have dwarfed the heinous 3,446 Black hangings done by MLKJr’s time.

It’s known MLKJr and the NAACP are at opposite ends of the spectrum concerning PP’s multitude of abortions (black and white). The NAACP already opposes Black advancement on a myriad of issues:  Medicaid and self-sufficiency (Blacks: 12% of population, 30% on Medicaid), lawsuits against charter schools and vouchers (by NAACP in NY this year), giving parents choices with vouchers and/or tax credits, methods for eliminating Black poverty in America, same-sex marriage (nothing to do with civil rights), and pro-life stances (despite 1/2 Black pregnancies being aborted).

In fact, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter Bernice firmly knew he would have been against gay marriage.

In 1958, Roy Wilkins (Executive Director/NAACP) conflicted repeatedly with MLKJr and other leaders over strategic decisions within the Civil Rights movement.

The NAACP has been erroneously skewed with Democrats since MLKJr.  But NAACP has long since parted ways with MLKJr’s principles. Unfortunately King is not still with us to severely reprimand the NAACP for their gross political leanings, and skewed principles for the Black race.

Something must be done fairly quickly, for the Black people must have hope for future survival with the rate of black abortions. The black race deserves better than the NAACP. Blacks’ destiny in life is total equality–all of the time. Together with MLKJr’s ideals they will achieve that. But with NAACP’s failed policies, they are destined for the dustbin of history.  

It turns out MLKJr never joined the NAACP in his lifetime. That’s the difference between great men like MLK, and those that ‘also-ran’. You can still hear the great ones’ voices after they’re gone.


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