Obama Welcomes You to a Death Camp for Down Syndrome

Trisomy (technical term), or Down Syndrome (widely known), comes in many forms. The most common are Trisomy 13, 18, and 21. German technology in 1934 dictated only the strong should live. Right now, over 90% of those with Down Syndrome are aborted/killed. Over 99% of adults with Down say they are happy with their lives, but vast amounts are killed because their care is deemed too much of a bother for their parents.

We know Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), has an abortion rate of about 90%. Trisomy 13 &18 are aborted at a much higher frequency because their likelihood of death soon after birth is much higher.

In a 1/12/11 ABC World News exclusive, Diane Sawyer discusses a New Prenatal Test for Down Syndrome Could Cut Baby Deaths From … .  Dr. Rossa Chiu, study author published in the Journal of British Medicine (BMJ), and “>Dr. Brian Skotko, (clinical fellow/genetics) Children’s Hospital Boston, both hail killing babies if Down is known. (1)

Diane Sawyer boasts this new Down test could cut healthy baby deaths. “Cut deaths” is quite a spin. She, and many others, want to terminate (abort) an early pregnancy just because they think the baby will be unhealthy?  The baby’s done nothing wrong. But many parents don’t like the baby’s disability, and probably the child might not live the normal 70 years a human would.  Let’s abort it.

How Nazi-like.


Wikipedia reveals physical defects some don’t feel its necessary to live with:

Characteristics               Percentage        Characteristics            Percentage

mental retardation                             100%                 small teeth                                    60%

stunted growth                                    100%                 flattened nose                              60%

atypical fingerprints                            90%                  clinodactyly                                   52%

separation of the abdominal muscles  80%              umbilical hernia                              51%

flexible ligaments                                 80%                  short neck                                   50%

hypotonia                                                  80%                  shortened hands                        50%

brachycephaly                                           75%                  congenital heart disease              45%

smaller genitalia                                  75%                  single transverse palmar crease       45%

eyelid crease                                          75%                  Macroglossia (larger tongue)     43%

shortened extremities                        70%                  epicanthal fold                                  42%

oval palate                                               69%                  Strabismus                                       40%

low-set and rounded ear                    60%                   Brushfield spots (iris)                     35%


How soon many of us forget how the Nazis were famous for their race-based eugenics programs throughout their history. In “Anti-Papal Catholicism & the Rise of Hitler”, Anne Gardiner describes how many Nazi programs were based on US  forced sterilization already in existence, and eugenics laws practiced in California.

Many Germans conceived of a pagan-oriented movement using “race-based eugenic measures” to remove any “non-Aryan” influences from their population. If the Germans had won WWII, America would be practicing eugenics freely.

But the concept has been raising its ugly head again. It’s amazing how many people still believe killing the suspected inferior human will keep the human race flourishing.

The start—numerous statements of discrimination toward kids with Trisomy 13/18 by doctors. For example, a  letter  about cardiac surgery for a child with Trisomy 18, Dr. Praveen Kumar (Chicago) wrote about the surviving child, “Most people will consider this outcome extremely suboptimal if not completely futile.” (2)

In Canada, a senior ethicist asked a trisomy mother, “So what is better–abortion by dismemberment at 16 weeks or ask the mother to wait and we remove the baby to let it die in its mothers arms….that is not abortion.”  The mother was obviously horrified.  (3)

Genetic counselors in Canada say “almost everyone” terminates when the baby has a condition related to disabilities. The system is geared to identify, and terminate “imperfect” unborn lives.

Amniocentesis, an invasive test usually given at 18-20 weeks, carries a 1% risk of miscarriage. But companies like Sandisk and Sequenom have already been perfecting a 7-week non-invasive test for Down Syndrome. A simple blood test having a 98% accuracy for detecting Down, and a >90% death sentence for the baby.

They are talking major profits in this business of human perfection.

Even in Australia, another mother’s narrative was published in the British Medical Journal. In her case, she chose to carry her baby with Trisomy 18 to term. She had major problems just finding a hospital that would let her deliver the baby.

“Unacceptable morbidity” is typically used by doctors, but is always highly subjective. Some children born with Trisomy 13/18 are severely afflicted and are best treated with comfort care, but others live very happily for many years. Parents just want their their child be treated as an individual, not a genetic defect. (4)

The Nazi euthanasia program evolved from considering some lives unworthy to be lived. The Obama Administration is dangerously close to incorporating the same schemes.

That idea was eugenics, which actually heralds better living through genetic intervention. It is an idea fomented by  abortion and euthanasia.

If the mother decides to abort based upon the child’s imperfections, what road will humanity take?

From here, the future can be seen: what will happen to those depressed? To those with ADHD? To those with a very dark future, laden with poverty, a broken home, or no home? A humanity that chooses to reject children for their imperfections has either lost hope, the ability to accept suffering, or perspective.

If the mother makes the decision to abort based upon the imperfection found in the child, what road is legal abortion enabling humanity to take?

If we, as a nation, re-elect the Obama Administration, we may have turned down a road from which we can never turn back.


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