Belief that Women are Inferior IS Inferior

      Mixing abortion with woman power is not an oxymoron. Women many times claim that a young baby they’re pregnant with (what else can they be pregnant with?) is only her body. She says she can do anything with her body she wants.

If she’s pregnant, she’s got a living, breathing, human within her body. But that living human is a totally separate entity, with a whole set of different chromosomes. It’s in her body, but it’s no longer her body.

One non-abortion group seems overly concerned with the “After Abortion” part. They believe abortion can be a direct or indirect result of an unwanted abortion, or coerced actions that can psychologically force the woman into aborting. 

Women are considered the stronger sex in many forms. Usually, they can withstand higher amounts of physical pain than their male counterparts, and many women would consider themselves equal or better than men in most instances, except with the possibility of brute strength.

Women are strong enough to withstand any coercion. Especially to do what is right. If they relinquish to coercion, they never fully believed in not doing what they were coerced into doing in the first place. Women are stronger than that. At any time, a woman can speak up, and physically say she doesn’t want an abortion. No one can abort when they say NO. We’re a still free country, at least so far.

Women may be scared of future occurrences, but none outweigh killing their own child. Well over 99% of abortion cases do not involve any forced abortion with zero approval from the mother. Somehow the mother was talked into it, putting the killing of her own child into a secondary, or tertiary position. Choosing, or allowing, the abortion kills the child every time. But the mother almost always has the last word.

It is believed 64% of all abortions involve some sort of coercion. That could result from  lack of money; lack of want or time for the child; others saying aborting the child was the best thing to do under the circumstances; parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, pastors, or anyone who has a degraded view of life, coercing the abortion.

People are shocked at the result on the aborted baby when contraceptives are used. They make the uterus inhospitable, and thus susceptible to a rejection and expulsion by the uterus of a newly formed baby. The baby may not look like a baby yet, but is fertilized, and has the necessary soul and DNA to continue into forming an adult human, if left to grow.

The problem is that at this young age, a baby is so small that a uterine rejection may go unnoticed. At this age, the baby is small enough that a full scale uterine operation is not necessary to clandestinely dispose of an unwanted baby. Millions believe they are pro-life, even though they may actually be aborting a baby because of contraceptive methods. It may be some time until most of America is really pro-life. Everyone will have to understand what contraception really does.

Theoretically, every man involved with coercion to abort a baby should be charged with accomplice to murder. And vice-versa—any man unknowledgeable of an abortion done on the baby he created, deserves recompense.   

The job is actually huge. The penal code needs to be altered. Roe vs. Wade needs to be rescinded. People’s minds need to be changed, to realize what a life is. Easily found, it’s stated as the first right (of 3) in the Declaration. The law must be changed to help people understand it’s not legal to kill a young baby.

We already have post-abortion healing available to those women and men who have undergone this horrific procedure: the Jericho Plan, Project Rachel, Jubilee Program and Rachel’s Vineyard to name a few. These are very beneficial programs for the recovering woman and man after an abortion. But they only deal with the aftermath of killing your own child.

What is more desperately needed, is something that addresses the problem of abortion in the first place. Strong women making themselves known, are the first thing. Certainly being 53% of the general population, and realizing your sexual leverage, gives you a front seat advantage.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].