The Atrocity of Another Black/White Civil War

In this war, no one wins. The country will be decimated, mistrust among the citizens will abound, and black/white racism will be rampant in the populace. What could possibly start a war among fellow citizens who share everything except the same skin color?

The war is coming. The clash between the majority of Blacks, and the majority of Whites seems imminent.

Several racial incidents may be harbingers. 1) Non-prosecution of the new Black Panthers in federal Voting Rights Act violations against white victims [No Whites Need Apply], 2) the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) received almost 7,000 complaints (11% increase) over the past year [How’s That Post-Racial America Working Out for You?], 3) gerrymandering, and 4) purposeful indoctrination that lynching in America is still going on.

In Sellouts at the NAACP by Joseph C. Phillips, he describes how the NAACP has sold out its original charter, and is now worthless.

The unfortunate part of this is that 90-95% of Blacks vote Democrat. Guided by the likes of Jesse JacksonCharlie Rangel, the Congressional Black Caucus and ‘Free , and Al Sharpton (FrontPage Magazine – Mainstreaming Demagoguery: Al Sharpton’s Rise ), it seems many Blacks are running on empty. Jackson, Rangel, and Sharpton continue to foment racism, because without it, their lucrative careers would cease to exist.

Enmity seems to be rolling through Americans. Will some Blacks decide to kill a white person to bolster their point about covert racism? Will Whites rediscover any personal latent racism, and strike back and kill a black person? The shoe will fall sooner than later, old feelings will surface, and alter actions and reactions. Only one spark could ignite a flame that’s been smoldering for a while.

In Why do blacks still buy the government plantation lie?, Star Parker elucidates some horrifying statistics. According to a new study by Edward Pinto (American Enterprise Institute) , a former Vice-President of Fannie Mae describes how welfare policies caused the economic collapse that started years ago.

That collapse was a direct result of imploding housing and mortgage markets because of risky unconventional mortgages to promote “affordable housing” for minorities. Those dictates had Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac relax lending standards. 

Looking at the past, we see that overcorrection of racial practices has resulted in some very horrendous laws. The Voting Rights Act, dealing with past racist literacy tests to keep Blacks from voting, has morphed into gerrymandering—arranging political boundaries to give one political party an unfair advantage in elections. What initially protected Black voting rights, has resulted in a bloc of politically manipulated districts that virtually guarantees the election of black Democrats.

Even though the national poverty rate is around 14%, Rangel’s 15th district in New York is 24.3%. This is after his conviction of 11 ethics violations, when he still won the last election with 80% of the vote, after 40 years of being re-elected.  Because of gerrymandering, most Black Caucus districts are hard-wired to guarantee the election of Blacks.

As stated earlier, at least 10% of Blacks truly understand the pathway to prosperity. Many Blacks have gained untold prosperity over the years. Why do so many other Blacks denigrate so many great Americans?

Those notable Republican Blacks include Dr. Carter G. Woodson (started Black History Month), Frederick Douglass (abolitionist movement, 1817-1895), Mary McLeod Bethune (first black woman to head a federal agency), Don King (world’s greatest fight promoter), Denzel Washington (actor and Oscar winner), Jackie Robinson (1947 hall of famer Brooklyn Dodger; broke baseball’s “color barrier”), Lynn Swann (three-time pro-bowler, MVP Super Bowl X), Sammy Davis Jr. (dancer, singer, actor; member of famed Rat Pack), Alphonso Jackson (Head of HUD), Rod Paige (Secretary of Education), Clarence Thomas (SC Justice), Alveda King (daughter of civil rights activist Rev. A.D. King; niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), JC Watts Jr. (Oklahoma congressman;1994-2002, University of Oklahoma QB), Booker T. Washington (esteemed educator), Sojourner Truth (1797-1883, nationally known speaker for slaves and women), Harriet Tubman (1821-1913, Underground Railroad), George Washington Carver (1860-1943, famed agricultural scientist), and Thomas Sowell (taught at Brandeis, Cornell, Amhurst, and University of California; Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hover Institution at Stanford University, and many other prizes and honors).

It’s difficult to determine when most Blacks started voting Democrat rather than Republican. A Republican president put forth the Emancipation Proclamation, a Republican congress was responsible for the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery), the 14th (citizenship to Blacks), the 15th (Black right to vote), and civil rights legislation in 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965, and 1968.

JFK (Democrat) seemed like a godsend to Blacks when he allowed MLKJr. to go free from jail in1960. But so many forget JFK put him under wiretap surveillance, investigated him on suspicion of being a communist, and was opposed to MLKJr.’s 1963 March on Washington. No wonder MLKJr. remained a Republican.

Past monetary practices make many Blacks see government dependence as the remedy, rather than the disease. Unfortunately now, Blacks have foreclosure and unemployment rates twice that of Whites. Democrats defend entitlements and affirmative action with the enthusiasm in which they defended segregation and slavery. “AA” even sounds good, until one realizes that for each less qualified person who gains access, a more qualified person is denied.

As one can see, the very programs which seem so well-intentioned keep impoverished Blacks dependent on government handouts. From Lance Thompson words (2/20/07), while Democrats believe in dispensing advantage for someone’s race, Republicans believe in a level playing field. Democrats believe Blacks can’t compete, Republicans believe they can. Maybe someone should ask those black Republicans in the above paragraph if they couldn’t compete.

The conflict is coming—unless someone can convince America the conflict is really based on ideology, and not race, and unless more people have learned from the past.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].