Atheists Beware--a Bona Fide Reason for God

When one questions the greatest minds in astrophysics and cosmology (e.g., Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking) about finding a “Creator”, they could not propose a universe with no beginning, and found the task impossible. Show Me God is a scientific account of the cosmos written by Fred Heeren, Science Journalist, pointing directly to (a) God.


In 1927 an astronomer by the name of Edwin Hubble was able to determine from distant red shifted galaxies, that they were all retreating from us at high velocities. One would think with so many possible origins, life’s got to exist on more than just earth. Hence the SETI Institute (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) came into being.                                                    


To date, the search of exoplanets or any life at all, has turned up empty. Approximately 470 exoplanets (outside our solar system) have been discovered. According to Planet Quest: New Worlds Atlas, exoplanets found so far are a maximum of 300 light years from our sun, none are earthlike, and very few are in the habitable zone.


What is called the “The Goldilocks Zone – NASA Science”, is the habitable zone around a star where temperatures demand the existence of liquid water. There no element is as flexible as carbon for making multiple varieties of complex compounds, in a medium that is perfectly suited to liquid water in which complex molecules can react with one another.


“Habitable” specifically refers to planets which have the right temperature range year around—not gas giants, or planets orbiting in and out of the “Goldilocks” zone. In all, 12 major “bottlenecks” exist that block the road to intelligence on most planets. But, for some reason, intelligence on our planet seems special.


But low and behold, a discovery by Francis Crick and James Watson found what SETI had been saying all along—the clear message of extraterrestrial intelligence. They found the code in 1953 that had been left on this planet 3.85 billion years ago, and were awarded a Nobel Prize. The code is embedded in each of our own cells. The cracked code was for Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid, or DNA – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  


Minus the scientific code speak for DNA strings; all combinations specify a particular protein. Carbon, oxygen, and water were the tools. With a myriad of ‘ideal conditions’, and set rules (fastest speed of anything limited to 186,000 miles/sec), something was planned.


From the proposed Drake Equation, where “N” equals the proposed number of technological civilizations in our galaxy [N=R(*) x f(p) x n(e) x f(l) x f(i) x f(c) x L]  (p 49), to BETA [billion-channel extra-terrestrial assay], which scans over 2 billion channels every 16 seconds, we have gotten no response in 37 years since SETI started.


A few other influences should NOT be overlooked:

1) Assuming 10 billion years for the age of the Milky Way galaxy, there was at least 2000 chances for all additional civilizations (#16, p.48, Show Me God) to settle the entire galaxy. Italian physicist Enrico Fermi asks, “Where are they?” Hence, Fermi’s Paradox.


2) Without Jupiter’s gravitational pull, comets/asteroids would strike earth between 100 and 10,000 times more frequently than current collisions with earth [George Wetherill/ Carnegie Institution]. Because many would be planet-killers, earth’s population would likely have ceased to exist.


3) For civilizations 15 light years away, they should be receiving signals from TV shows transmitted by earth, such as “I Love Lucy”. Their signal to earth should be arriving back about now. We’ve received nothing.


Logic demands a cause for all effects. The universe is such a large effect, that it demands a very great cause. The 20th century has brought us undeniable evidence that the universe did have a beginning.


The widely believed Big Bang Theory dictated to Hubble that the velocity of any galaxy’s movement away from us is directly proportional to its distance from us. (p.152)  This very precise linear relationship of distance to velocity (acknowledged by all modern astronomers) directly indicates a starting point for all galaxies in the distant past.


Physicists tell us (p. 207) the proton is 1,836x heavier than the electron, and if it was much different, the required molecules would not combine, resulting in no chemistry, and no life. Fred Hoyle and N.C. Wickramasinghe‎: calculated the odds of all proteins necessary for life forming in one place by random events at 1/10^ 40,000 power—a number not in the realm of finite possibilities. (p. 227)


Hawking wrote, “If the rate of expansion one second after the Big Bang had been smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million, the universe would have re-collapsed before it ever reached its present state.” A rate of expansion slightly faster than the critical rate would have dispersed matter too rapidly for stars/galaxies to form. (p.395) 


The Bible actually states several places that the dimension of time is something God fabricated for us, and that ‘time’ does not exist in heaven. Many earth creationists believe the universe is only 6000-8000 years old. But the word ‘day’ in the Bible could actually mean eons, or longer, to God whose existence is not measured in time. Amazingly, some of us humans still think in terms of what we can think of—not God.


The universe being 13-15 billion years old, the distance to the farthest measured star is well over a million light-years out, all evidence point to the Big Bang as the beginning of the universe, a proton is always 1876x heavier than an electron for chemical combinations, existing ideal laws, Goldilocks zone’s 12 bottlenecks, Plank’s constant, electromagnetic and gravitational forces, fastest attainable speed (186,000 mps), Hoyle’s calculation for miniscule likelihood of formation of proteins necessary for life, and Hawking’s calculation for the universe not collapsing in on itself or expanding unconditionally, are only a few of the miracles occurring in our universe.


With all these maxi-miracles already known to have occurred, likely due to an Intelligent Designer, you’d think God changing bread and wine into His own Body and Blood was child’s play.


“Child’s play” is metaphorically speaking, of course.


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