Race does NOT need to be Discussed

Race is old hat, right out of the 1950’s. Time to get over it. There’ll always be a deranged small minority who believes a different race is to be impugned. But one party thinks race is what you talk about to get elected. Buckle up if you are a member of either group.


As in Joseph Phillips’ column: America: Still Talking About Race, one of the things Obama said he was trying to do was change the conversation on race. Unfortunately, he has done the exact opposite. As an alleged black president, the country has race on its mind more than ever (even though Obama is only 45% black).


Racism has been charged so many times by one party that it’s becoming worn out, like the old fairy tale about the boy crying ‘wolf’. Representatives Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel have claimed racism is one of the reasons behind investigations into their dishonest dealings.


How about the time Obama used an alleged break-in incident to flash the race card by saying the police ‘reacted stupidly’ after Gates (house owner) was arrested for disorderly conduct. As the police report states, Sergeant James Crowley was a “police academy expert on racial profiling.”


With anthropogenic global warming (AGW), it has been proven many Blacks will suffer more with many of the additional erroneously called-for expenditures. The $862 billion stimulus by Obama has put thousands (obviously including Blacks) out of work, raising America’s unemployment to almost 10%.


Home sales dropped more than 25% in July. Foreclosures seem to increase every month. In Townhall – John Hawkins – 5 Reasons Obama’s Election Is Bad forrace relations, black Democrats put race first to elect Obama. It’s no longer a surprise when black Democrats vote >90% (almost a monolithic block) for Democrat candidates.


Frances Rice, Chairman of the BLACK REPUBLICAN: National Black Republican Association E-News, discusses in one column Phillip Jackson’s description of how Black America Loses Gamble In Electing First Black President …. Jackson concludes how “Black America has mistakenly traded the future of its young black men for a black president.”


But the most shocking item is due to the decision of Roe vs. Wade. Since 1973 Black women have had 15 million abortions. Of all abortions, 37% are performed on Black women, even though they make up only 13% of the population. The abortion rate for Blacks is 3x that of Whites (White/ LifeNews). But during a recent NAACP convention in Georgia, why would the NAACP endorse a bill passed by the Georgia state senate that would make it a crime to abort a child because of its race or gender, and turn around and take the endorsement back?


It turns out the NAACP reversed their lockstep decision because it was not ‘in-step’ with the Democrat platform. Why would they care so little about those 15 million souls? If it was up to the Republicans, abortions would be outlawed, and at least 15 million more people would have existed since Roe. In an all-too-familiar move, the NAACP decision was not based on human rights, it was based on party.


In reality, most white Americans feel pride by following Martin Luther King Jr.’s immortal words, “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”


One wonders exactly what will happen if a Republican candidate, who is black, gets elected to the presidency. It will be obvious then instead of actual racism, Democrats really have only ‘party’ in mind. Maybe millions of Blacks will realize they’ve been duped for years by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.


Unlike Phillips, one should not shake the hand of Obama, but a true Black who has ALL races in mind. Any number of black people would make great presidents: Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Bill Cosby, Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams, JC Watts, Michael Steele, Star Parker, Alan Keyes, and Alveda King, just to name a few. But they all seem to have the ‘wrong’ ideology.


But has Obama’s election changed race relations? “For the first time in 30 years, the gap between black and white income is increasing,” says William P. Jones (Professor, UW-Madison Center for Humanities), who was part of a discussion panel called: “Taking Stock of Race and Racism: A Year after Obama’s Inauguration” presented recently.


With some mindsets on race only, and not ideology, just what have we done to ourselves?




Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected]

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