NAACP Changed Priority from Politics to Party



Considered the equalizing force in American history, the NAACP held the hearts and minds of most Black Americans. But during a recent NAACP convention in Georgia, why would the NAACP endorse a bill passed by the Georgia state senate that would make it a crime to abort a child because of its race or gender, and turn around and take the endorsement back? That bill made discrimination against race or gender cut-and-dry, but the NAACP withdrew their support. It seems obvious the NAACP’s priority has switched to political ‘parties’, and not to discrimination of the Black community.


The NAACP and Abortion I dont get it.. perhaps you might Racism or not…” is something you will hear from Catherine Davis [Director of Minority Outreach for Georgia Right to Life]. It seems obvious that the “abortion holocaust” is taking place in Black America. In Georgia, 60% of all abortions are Black.


Georgia NAACP Withdraws Support for Bill Stopping Abortions Based …on race. Edward Dubose [President/ Georgia NAACP] decided shortly thereafter to mysteriously withdraw the endorsement saying the NAACP didn’t “fully understand” what they were doing. He stated they realized that the endorsement of the bill amounted to “nothing more than using women’s health as a political tool”.  As black TownHall columnist Star Parker pointed out, “Taking a pro-life stand would have put the Georgia NAACP out of sync with its national organization.”


In a recent CDC Report: Liberals kill more black people than the Ku Klux Klan …, Dr. Alveda King, niece of the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., exclaimed “The great irony is that abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of.”


A black pastor, the Reverend Clenard Childress [Life Education and Resource Network] described the occurrences to CNS News: “We need to bring attention to the fact that this is obviously a political positioning of [the] NAACP that does not reflect the values of the body they represent.” The Reverend Childress had the NAACP National Convention Participants Face Pro-Life Perspective …on abortion.


Black Catholic Bishop Holley: Abortion Exploits African-American …gives another perspective of the largest abortionist in the states: “Every year the federal government gives over $300 million to Planned Parenthood. Last year for the first time, Planned Parenthood took in over one billion dollars and reported a profit of $51 million.”  This, even though PP is supposedly non-profit. In the US, the abortion facilities of PP are concentrated in poor areas where the black population is especially targeted.


The NAACP was born in the 1960’s when Blacks needed political action for equal protection under the law. The 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act were reforms that the Republican Party struggled for in vain during the Reconstruction era, a hundred years earlier. But the Democrat party somehow wound up getting credit for those two Acts.


Then there’s the 13th Amendment banning slavery, the 14th extending the Bill of Rights to the states (giving Blacks full citizenship and all the privileges included), or even the 15th (giving voting rights to Blacks)—all passed by a Republican congress. Still, Republicans were always worried that the Democrats would repeal the Civil Rights Act, or rescind the Emancipation Proclamation as many Democrats had demanded.


The NAACP has always got involved in the political fight for Blacks, despite getting poor results with good intentions. The challenge today has been in the category of morality—not politics. Items such as abortion (lack of ability to rescind ‘Roe’), AIDS (no marriage restrictions), crime (more leniency towards lawbreakers), marijuana (effort to legalize), poor education (no vouchers), heritage (Obama told the world America is not a Christian nation), family breakdown (gay marriage), marriage penalty (healthcare passed has incentive ‘not’ to marry).


All these do not reflect politics, but poor personal decisions.  


The NAACP was always implicated with convincing Blacks that the Democrat Party was responsible for their emancipation. Politics is not part of their equation anymore, but ‘party’ is. This travesty of history will eventually be changed. It just takes a little reading of actual congressional history to do it. The scary part is that the NAACP and the Democrats may be partly responsible for any racial difficulty this country has had for the last 100 years.


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