"No Offshore Oil Drilling"--Administration up to Something?



Quiet words from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on 3/5, directly indicated a new three-year ban, at least in offshore oil drilling leases. Pure facts dictate this move will kill any American initiative to produce all of its oil independently. More than 2/3 of the American public supports such a move per a Rasmussen poll. It is unknown why the Obama Administration would make such a virulent move, and not allow America to become more oil-independent in a time of major global political upheaval.


President Bush had two bans rescinded in 2008 in The Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) which would have allowed drilling. But Salazar plans to eliminate the entire 2010-2015 Bush lease plan. No alternate plan is on paper yet. Evidently, Obama has no intention of opening up new areas for offshore drilling during his tenure in office. So in realty, huge amounts of assets in domestic energy will be wasted, while billions of additional dollars are spent on foreign oil.


Take a look at the 2006 Assessment of Undiscovered OCS Oil and Gas Resources results  from the Department of Interior (DOI). The report states there are 86 billion barrels of “undiscovered technically recoverable” oil sitting right off our beaches. As one put it, oil is available with “off-the-shelf” technology. This is more than all the proven oil in Russia, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar combined. Put another way, the OCS contains enough oil to replace Persian Gulf imports for 59 years, and enough natural gas (>419 trillion ft3) to heat American homes for the next 60.




‘Environmentalists’ seem to have some magical sway over Congressional votes. Humberto Fontova : The Environmental Benefits of Offshore Drilling writes “More Birds get fried by landing on power lines and smashed to pulp against picture windows in one week than perished from three decades of oil spills.” In the 5/09 Bureau of Land Management Report (BLM), states “These laws include, but are not limited to, the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Endangered Species Act and National Historic Preservation Act.”


Recently, a major secret about these waterborne oil rigs have been unearthed. They are a new ecosystem by providing a substructure for marine wildlife–essentially an “artificial reef”. Marine life has exploded around these rigs. Over 60 old rigs have been purposely toppled just to gain the advantage of more fishing trips being offered. Louisiana Sea Grant – Home at LSU- reports all rigs are directly responsible for 85% of fishing trips in the gulf. Oil rigs have 50 times more marine life around a platform than in the surrounding gulf.


A few years back, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries officials were invited to Australia to help them with a similar program. Here’s a nation with the world’s biggest natural reef, the Great Barrier ReefAustralia’s Culture Portal, and they’re requesting help from an alleged “cesspool” about developing exciting dive sites by using the very structures that illustrate (in environmentalist minds) disaster.


Existing technology that significantly makes platforms safer from oil leaks are automatic well-head cut-off valves. They maintain the isolation of oil under the seabed if the platform or rig breaks away. A recent environmental study revealed created sewage and urban runoff dump 12 times the amount of petroleum into the gulf than the thousands of existing oil production platforms. And oil seepage from the ocean floor into the gulf  is 7 times more than the amount of oil spilled by rigs or pipelines in any year.


Pelosi claims that the oil companies are just sitting on 68 million acres where oil and gas companies have bought the right to drill. What she doesn’t say is most of that acreage has been found to have no oil. But Democrats refuse to address the fact that America has enough oil under its territories to make it oil independent for at least 50 years. And that’s assuming “fusion”, as the almost free energy source, cannot be made to work. It’s also assuming “abiotic” oil does not exist, and/or the technology will not exist to drill deeper than 6000 feet to where abiotic oil may be. It seems Russia and CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Researchhave already quelled those two assumptions.


Of course, Obama HAS to know that recoverable oil does exist within American territories. He HAS to know that America would be energy independent if those territories were accessed. He HAS to know that if accessed, work in obtaining oil from those territories would result in thousands of American jobs. He HAS to know what kind of increase that would mean to gross revenue for US coffers from increased jobs and wages. And he HAS to know environmental worries are nowhere near a concern.


He knows. But his agenda likely includes universal registration, elimination of elections, elimination of the Electoral College, amnesty of illegal aliens, illegal  immigrant registration, convicted felons voting, gays in the military, and world government. None of that is possible if America continues to be the strongest nation in the world. The remaining legislative options are not only worrisome and scary, but downright devastating. 


It happens when you get all Americans dependent on the government for their welfare.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].