Unlike Last Election Would Indicate, Catholics Are One



In the last presidential election, over 50% of Catholics voted for Obama. In a recent column penned by Russell Shaw (Our Sunday Visitor[OSV]), he proclaimed that “conservative” Catholics don’t listen to the words of St. Paul—a major Catholic saint.


More troubling is when Shaw stated the “conservatives” complained that 31 of 150 organizations in the Center for Community Change got grants from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). In other words, did these 31 organizations promote and/or exercise actions within groups that were involved with abortions and/or same sex marriages? More succinctly, was any monies donated to these 31 organizations who espouse items directly against Catholic teaching? If money is given for a membership in one of these coalitions, it is donating to a very anti-Catholic cause. This author evidently thinks this is OK.


Several things almost ‘pop’ out at you with his comments. 1) Why does he highlight “conservatives”? Does he have some inner anguish with conservative principles? Conservative Catholics usually are the ones that almost always follow Catholic teachings. Are organizations promoting abortions and same-sex marriages getting any of their funds from CCHD somehow?


2) The pope’s seeming endorsement of the United Nations does not indicate he approves of an organization involved with abortion and same-sex marriage. The Holy See has ALWAYS had problems with the UN. Its stance on population control techniques, abortion, birth control, same-sex marriages—are specifically anti-Catholic.


Clearly, it’s a good idea to be close with sinners. Christ always was, and He changed many minds. But the direct donation of funds is entirely different. One would seriously doubt the Vatican is funding any immoral activity. One may speak well of an action done by a particular organization (i.e., UN), such as trying to bring peoples together. But the Vatican also decries all of it’s immoral acts such as those commited above.


But this all this hype condemning “conservative” Catholics sounds like the beginning of a major cover-up of a huge schism in the Catholic Faith. If you are really Catholic, then we are truly “one”. You believe ALL of what the Church teaches. If you believe differently on even one item, then you believe the Church is wrong. Maybe you’re a Presbyterian, a Methodist, or a Baptist. But you’re not Catholic.


Bottom line—all issues are NOT equal. The worst sin one can commit is one of abortion. It is on the list of Catholic “non-negotiables” that are intrinsically evil every time. And per Pope Benedict, the worst of the “non-negotiables” is abortion. For if one is aborted,  government heathcare, poverty, theft, avarice, gluttony, etc., are moot. For the aborted person is dead.


Therefore a vote for one who qualifies legal abortion can qualify one for automatic excommunication from the Catholic faith. It really puts things into perspective when the last presidential vote from Catholics went 54-46% for Obama.


St. Paul, and belonging to a coalition of likely sinners, has nothing to do with this controversy. It’s the actual donations of monies to these organizations, and votes for those who espouse abortion and same-sex marriage.


It reminds one of how a certain Catholic Health Group Accepts Abortion Language in Reform Bill …. How can the leader of Catholic hospitals (a nun) be for a healthcare plan which will actually increase the number of abortions? Even the Catholic hierarchy has completely investgated the proposed ‘ObamaCare’ bill, and determined that abortions will definitely occur if passed.


We sincerely hope that this OSV writer is not of the same ilk.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].