Obama Believes Pro-Life Democrats Fodder for Gifts

The time until the House votes for nationalized heathcare is less than a week away. Nevermind if it passes, it will be the biggest move to socialism America has ever had. Nevermind the majority of Americans see the inherent faults in the sytem of socialized healthcare, and disagree with the plan Obama proposes. Nevermind the plan incorporates the caveat that Americans will pay for any abortion a woman wants, despite the majority being overwhelmingly against it. And nevermind that this plan will balloon the national deficit beyond any conceivable amount.


The pro-life Democrat representatives who can stop this bill are listed below. The word is that Obama and Pelosi will do whatever they feel is necessary to sway these Democrats from a nay vote to a yea vote when they vote on nationalized heathcare in a week. That includes, but is not limited to, special gifts, trips, earmarks, and other privileges given to those who vote with the president.


John Boccieri (OH 16)        (202) 225 3876
Mike Ross (AR 4)              (202) 225-3772
Paul Kanjorski (PA 11)      (202) 225-6511
Steve Driehaus (OH 1)       (202) 225-2216
Charlie Wilson (OH 6)        (202) 225-5705
Joe Donnelly (IN 2)            (202) 225-3915
Jim Oberstar (MN 8)          (202) 225-6211
Dale Kildee (MI 5)             (202) 225-3611
Brad Ellsworth (IN 8)         (202) 225-4636
Jerry Costello (IL 12)         (202) 225-5661
Marcy Kaptur (OH 9)        (202) 225-4146
Mike Doyle (PA 14)           (202) 225-2135
Alan Mollohan (WV 1)       (202) 225-4172
Tom Periello (VA 5)           (202) 225-4711
James Langevin (RI 2)        (202) 225-2735
Baron Hill (IN 9)                (202) 225-5315
Jason Altmire (PA 4)          (202) 225-2565



Protecting the sanctity of life is a matter of principle. We believe these Democrats will uphold the sanctity of life, despite any coercion or forcing by the president. With the impending vote quickly coming to a head, President Obama has even postponed his scheduled trip to Indonesia and Australia in late March. This vote is of absolute importance to him, and will decide the country’s course.


The Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis now seems to believe they can ram the Senate’s version of socialized heathcare through the House by manipulation, legislative trickery or shear force, without addressing pro-life concerns. Rumors about insisting the bill ‘does not allow federal funding of abortion’ is completely untrue. Detailed information reaveals that the bill not only allows abortion as a method for health control, but will allow taxpayer funds to procure those abortions.


Many approaches are being taken to defeat this effort to socialize medicine in America which range from Constitutional to fiscal issues, including deficit spending and personal costs. The danger this bill represents to the life of the unborn is perhaps as great as the Roe vs. Wade decision itself. The president seems spurred by the fact they have a majority of Democrats in Congress. It’s a fervent hope that life itself is the highest priority of those Democrats.


We sincerely hope all pro-life Democrats will understand the importance of this issue. This vote dictates everything. Let’s hope they’re up to it.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected]