One Must Cross the Line with Human Life

One Must Cross the Line with Human Life
One must cross the lines sometimes. But the case against one organization is such an animal. And by animal, one means the option to take human life for reward. The reward is money for the organization. People only kill life because of one’s preference.
The Constitution (Article 4, Section 4) states that the United States shall protect each of its states against domestic violence. What about an internal enemy that’s killed over 50 million Americans in the last 35 years? For millions not to be aware of such an unabashed spree in killing, something is awkwardly wrong.
This organization seems to be pushing smaller independent facilities out of business. Evidently, independent facilities are closing, while this one group (710 facilities) continues to expand with the help of Americans’ tax dollars.
Planned Parenthood Federation of America was directly responsible for 20% of all abortions each year, but that % is now growing rapidly. You can check Obama’s close relationship from YouTube – Barack Obama Addresses Planned Parenthood directly. Obama and his administration have allowed PP unfettered access to the White House and top staffers. They put together a White House health care summit in March 2009, which saw PP invited to promote abortion, while pro-life groups were left out.

From discussions with Rev. Clenard Childress Jr. [BlackGenocide.org] the revelation that 35% of all abortions are done on Black children. That constitutes almost 4500 abortions daily in the US. It’s even stranger how Black Americans constitute only 13% of the population. But Planned Parenthood: Wanting fewer blacks ‘understandable’, is not understandable.
Another Planned Parenthood branch, in Kansas, is facing 107 misdemeanor and felonies charges for allegedly violating Kansas abortion law. Even overcharging accusations came in March, when Victor Gonzalez, a former PP official, filed a lawsuit against PP‘s California affiliates saying they overcharged California taxpayers for at least $180 million.
PP in Birmingham, Alabama was placed on probation for a year for hiding cases of statutory rape and urging teens to violate the parental consent law. Along with that, the health department found cover-up of sexual abuse. Live Action president and UCLA student Lila Rose portrayed a 14-year-old in an expose’ video that showed a staffer at PP telling a woman who appears to be a victim of statutory rape that “we bend the rules.”  Rose stated, The Health Department report documents the same malpractice that we have found in state after state.”


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