Tebow Brings Out the Best in Us



Despite resistance from women’s groups, and other far left organizations, Tim Tebow and his mom had a commercial run by CBS during the Super Bowl. It discussed how, being pregnant with Tim, his mom came down with Amoebic dysentery.  Doctors in the Philippines told Pam (mom) she needed to abort, because all the strong medications she took may have caused irrreversible damage to Tim. Pam refused, Tim was born, and was the leader of the Florida Gator football team for the past three years.


The commercial was not only extremely positive, and never brought up the negative aspects of having an abortion. There was no politics involved.


It’s likely women’s groups claim they didn’t want the ad to air because at least a million people were watching. “Ed Berliner: Isn’t Tim Tebow doing exactly what we want our star athletes to do?”, dictates exactly that. They claimed it restricted Pam’s choice. But Pam made the choice to let Tim live. And live he did. In 2007, Tim shocked reporters when he told them he was a “virgin” and would remain so until marriage. It’s likely he has thousands of women lined up to say they would marry him in a nanosecond.


But he wasn’t finished. Tim Tebow, Mother’s Super Bowl Ad To ‘Celebrate Life’, which was shown during the Super Bowl, has angered every liberal who thinks abortion should always be a choice. It seems like they didn’t like the other choice, however.


It turns out Tebow had a few unheard-of accolades won during his college years. The column Heisman Finalists 2009: Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Mark Ingram, Toby Gerhart, Ndamukong Suh, relates how he was a finalist for the Heisman this year. Tebow finished his college career with several school, Southeastern Conference, and NCAA records. No need to mention that Tim actually won the Heisman his sophomore year.


From the Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad: Women’s Groups Pressure CBS, it’s wondered why groups like NOW, the Feminist Majority, NARAL, ChoiceUSA, and the Women’s Media Center object to a woman’s decision to have a baby, but seem to applaud killing it in an abortion. They are all for choice, but hated the choice this woman took. These organizations supporting abortion and birth control are some of the reasons why the earth’s population begins to go through an irreversible decline in the year 2040.


Even with one examining “what ifs?”, some things seem certain. If Tebow would have been aborted like his mom was advised to do, many would not have been the recipient of the records of community service hours and work with the poor and needy–all led by Tebow and the Florida Gators. And what about all the prior work by Tebow in Florida prisons that have prevented stealing, and killing by having more abortions? Many actions there, with many positive consequences.


Evidently Tebow’s past missionary, prison, and future NFL work will be but a earmark on the football phase of his life. For that manner, people like Ronald Reagan who espoused the sanctity of life during the “abortion is cool” era, saved countless would-be aborted lives. Going a step further, how many humans (52 million deaths since Roe in ’73), could have developed some major scientific discovery if they weren’t aborted?


Who, out of 1/6 of the US population that was killed, might have discovered the cure to AIDS, to old age, the answer to fusion energy, the first to walk on Mars,  or the 5th pro-life judge on the US Supreme Court? With an added 1/6 of America’s population, statistics dictate that probably would have happened. Considering the increase in life around the world without abortion, and the resulting deaths with abortion, it sounds like a “no-brainer” to prevent any abortion at all. No doubt, God would likely say “Well done, good and faithful servant“.


Maybe Tebow started something or, is just keeping it going. Either way, he’s got the correct priorities in life. But how does one teach pro-abortionists correct priorities?


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected]