The Pill Responsible for the Death of Humanity?



For years, gays have been looking for a gene that would legitimately give them the right to say nature has turned them into the opposite sex. As a result, they believe same-sex marriage should be a natural thing. To gays, same-sex marriage should be something beautiful, natural, and part of God’s big plan. But the reasons may be anything but natural.


A few years ago, right after the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, a large number of chemical ‘cocktails’ [Chemical Cocktail in Consumer Products Destroys Male Fertility] that inhibit the function of the male hormone testosterone, was found in United Kingdom rivers.


Sharpe (from Chemical Cocktail) says a specific combination of chemicals is likely the culprit for the condition known as Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome (TDS). TDS represents a number of disorders of the male productive system. The more common ones include reduced sperms counts, malformed penis and testicular cancer.


The female sex hormones (estrogens), as well as many estrogen-mimicking chemicals, are leading to the ‘feminization’ of male fish, which is documented in the below link. Exposed fish become ‘feminized’ producing a protein found in females.


Singing starlings and why thousands of babies who should have been boys wound up as girls” is Geoffrey Lean’s dissertation of some of the unheeded warning signs. In the 1970’s there were only female gulls nesting together all over the US. In the 1980’s researchers in Florida detected that the male alligators seemed to have strangely tiny penises, and had developed female hormone patterns. In that same water, they found turtles that had developed into hermaphrodites—having both female and male reproductive organs.


Lean also found that even after repeated studies in England, one third of the male roach in rivers and streams across the country had started producing eggs, coming from female sex organs.


It finally dawned on some humans that estrogen may be the culprit. In England, almost one third of the drinking water comes from rivers, some of which is directly downstream of sewage outlets. From CBC News – MontrealEstrogen levels skyrocket in river around Montreal (Canada). Sebastien Sauvé describes how estrogen levels in the water downstream of major population zones are “about 100x more than the level known to have significant endocrine-disrupting effects”.


Eventually, the UK had the courage to label the “pill” as a pollutant. Unfortunately, the FDA and EPA have not done so yet.


The United States Geological Survey provided the first nationwide study (2006) of estrogens as a water pollutant. They found a huge upsurge in the number of male fish growing female reproductive organs. When they did a survey of bass in the Potomac River, it showed almost 100% of the smallmouth bass were ‘feminized’, and actually had eggs in their testes.


But no corporate polluter could be found. Then it was realized human birth control pills, morning after pills, and abortion pills all contained large amounts of estrogen. With health authorities estimating that 100 million women worldwide take some form of hormonal contraceptive, it was realized any excess estrogen would be present in women’s urine. Almost always, that estrogen is passed through all sewage treatment systems without removal by existing pollution abatement techniques.


Evidently, the action of an endocrine disruptor can “feminize” male children even in the womb. Elizabeth Green (from Chemical Cocktail) highly disputes government assurances that current exposures are too low for any mutations to take place. It seems as if regulators never look at the additive actions of these hormone disrupting chemicals (i.e., estrogen) with other pollutants.


But from unsuspecting researchers who know what girl/boy ratios in specific countries should be, there were unsettling results. They calculated 250,000 baby girls should have been born baby boys. This was deduced for only the US and Japan alone. The link

Study Links Water Pollution from Contraceptives, Chemicals with confirms these ‘gender-bender’ chemicals may have deleterious effects on more than just fish.


Interestingly, Geoffrey Lean found that cities exposed to high levels of gender-bender chemicals from Russia to North America have given birth to twice as many girls as boys.


Shockingly, some radical Greens are actually honest enough to admit there’s a problem. But to paraphrase Fox Mulder (X-Files), “they will be marginalized by the environmental-industrial-entertainment complex”.


Bottom line per Lean, studies in more than 20 countries have shown that average male sperm counts have dropped during the last 50 years from 150 million per milliliter to 66 million. That technically means that men are only half as fertile as hamsters. And average male sperm counts continue to plunge 2% per year. Within a few decades, the average man will be unable to father children.


We have been given, and allowed to understand, the technology to know what is happening. Populations will begin to drop precipitously. Many males in the near future will be unable to copulate for offspring production. The gay population will increase within the existing population, and will claim they were born that way. The human species will begin its descent into nonexistence.


Back on 2/18/08, it was positively confirmed by Dr. Karen Kidd that estrogen from the ‘pill’ in water has horribly altered the procreative ability of fish [Saskatchewan Prolife Association, Regina, Saskatchewan Natural ]. If you take all the data that has been learned to date about estrogen and synthetic estrogens, it’s almost impossible not to know the human population has been, and will be, affected in likely the same way.


The scary part is when Marcia Herman-Giddens (University of North Carolina/ School of Public Health) says, “It’s virtually impossible to study. There’s no place to find an unexposed population”.


The recurring question is: Does man destroy humanity by his own machination?



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