Carbon Dioxide Turns Out To Be a Savior


Thought to be the demonic cause of anthropogenic global warming, CO2 has literally been taking all the heat lately. With CO2 concentrations pushing the 400 ppm range as of late, manmade global warmers believe they have the perfect scapegoat for dreaded global warming. If they’re wrong, then the earth won’t fry, there won’t be incredulous risings of the sea and torrential floods, and life on earth will not come to a screeching halt.


But they refuse to believe that CO2 has fallen and risen many times in the past. From ice core samples, it was determined the Late Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era was also an Ice Age, while at the same time CO2 concentrations then were nearly 12 times higher (4400 ppm) than today. The Ordovician Period was the 6th of seven periods in the Paleozoic Era. The 7th period was the Cambrian


Even in the Cambrian Period of the Paleozoic Era, CO2 was found to be ~7000 ppm (18x higher than today). No anthropogenic global warming was reported. And global warming that did take place went the way of natural sun perturbations, without any human interference. There has been some global warming on several of the planets that have been measurable, but no CO2 producers were caught emitting CO2.


But as CO2 levels have increased in very recent times, so has agricultural productivity and yield. In fact, the world now produces more food on less land than ever before. This can be seen directly from graphs on the USDA Economic Research Service [The 20th Century Transformation of U.S. Agriculture and Farm Policy].


National Geographic specifically highlights this in other countries around the world [Cheap Food — National Geographic Magazine]. General food security for the world is reiterated in Green Revolution – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


With CO2, chlorophyll, and sunlight all plants and crops create photosynthesis, or make “plant food”. Quite simply, the more CO2 that exists, the easier the photosynthesis reaction can take place, and the more crops and vegetation grows and produces.


Climate Depot [Rising CO2 a Boon for Biosphere – Earth in ‘CO2 Famine’ – Cutting explains just how CO2 is the best thing the earth could’ve hoped for. Fittingly wheat growers, [U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works :: Minority Page] have decided to reverse course on their cap-and-trade support, mainly because of the beneficial affects of CO2.


In fact, it has been determined in Climate myths: Ice cores show CO2 increases lag behind temperature by Noel Sheppard, the total falsehood of claiming temperatures are the result of increasing CO2 concentration. His facts have been proven many times concerning the CO2 increases that existed, which always followed a high temperature. It sometimes lagged temperature by as much as 800 years. But the temperature increase never follows a CO2 increase.


Joe D’Aleo of ICECAP explains how the CO2 has been totally uncorrelated with temperature over the last decade. This is true when the oceans likely play a key role emitting CO2 when they warm as carbonated beverages lose carbonation when they warm, but absorb it when they cool.


It need not be discussed how solar activity always changes in 11 year cycles, or how UV radiation increases much more than brightness which causes increased ozone which directly affects climate, or how sunspots affect cosmic ray production which directly affects cloud formation which directly affects climate.


It also should not be discussed how the sun is a variable star by 0.5%, that goes through cycles sometimes more than 100 years, that the oceans go through multidecadal cycles every 60-70 years which directly affect natural variations in Arctic and Antarctic ice cover, hurricanes, and thus overall weather.


It seems like the Intelligent Designer had all those affects in mind when He made CO2 necessary for plant life, which is necessary for animal life, which is necessary for human life. What an intricate biosystem. And some believe this happened by chance?


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