Obama Heath Care Equals Euthanasia

The shoe has dropped. The hammer fallen. The word given. The new health care system must be trimmed. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that Obama’s Health Care Plan will cost 1.5 trillion more than the White House estimated. Medicare is prioritized for budget cuts [The Heritage Foundation]. Half of all medical costs come in the last six month of life, so the Obama Administration will start rationing the elderly. Did someone say automatic euthanasia?


Anyone with a simplistic view of math understands the current heath care costs are spiraling out of control. But Obama wants to pay for some of his plan by removing $313 billion in Medicare reimbursements to health care providers over the next ten years. This will force more doctors to stop seeing Medicare patients.


As Medicare money dwindles, scarce resources are rationed one way or another. Seniors, a growing portion of the population, are targeted because of the “half of all medical costs” rule in the last six months of life. Some believe it would be reckless to misuse medical resources on patients that are bad bets for successful outcomes.


It is a fact heath care premiums have doubled in the last decade, and increased four times faster than wages. Per Medicare trustees, one of its major funds will bankrupt in eight years. It seems rationing is the only way to guarantee Medicaid and Medicare will continue to provide medical care to its subscribers.


Per the Heritage Foundation, 22% of all Medicare patients (10 million seniors) are currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. Many seniors will lose this coverage. Obama has already proposed eliminating this plan entirely [ObamaCare for Seniors: Sorry, Youre Just Not Worth It – The Forum ].


Many of the health policies were written with the advice of Tom Daschle, who was nominated by Obama to run the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), but he later withdrew his nomination because of not paying income taxes. If one looks at his book on health care, he states that “Seniors should sacrifice advancements in care so that resources can be spent on the young. He goes on to say those who have received hopeless diagnoses should just accept it. That health care reform will not be pain free.”


But the most telling reason why costs are to be cut with current health plans is the proposal ObamaCare will include the 47 million Americans who supposedly can’t get heath care. But, the 47 million is grossly inflated.


Limbaugh [Obama Can’t Afford To Tell Truth On Health Care — David Limbaugh ] reiterates that the CBO generated report states some of the 47 million were uninsured for only part of the year, and only half of these are uninsured for only four months. Eighteen of those 47 million make more than $50-75 million/yr, and most are young and refuse to buy insurance. Even the poor (14 million) are fully eligible for SCHIP, Medicaid, and Medicare, but are just not enrolling. Per the Census Bureau, ten million of those uninsured are not even citizens.


Bottom line, many of those intentionally uninsured will be insured with ObamaCare, and will raise the number of people being afforded healthcare. As a result, socialized heath care will be forced to drastically reduce the quantity, scope, and quality of care.


Raymond Dennehy [OSV | Our Sunday Visitor August 9, 2009 | The right (and wrong ], says the disabled person has never lost his human nature. His words ring true: It is just as much of an act of murder to kill a sickly man as a healthy one, to kill a black man as a white one, to kill a poor man as a rich one, and to kill a child in its mother’s womb as a human adult.  


So many forget when actress Natasha Richardson died after falling while skiing in Canada. It took 8 hours to drive to a hospital, but if Canada had our heath care she might be alive today. In the US medical evacuation helicopters would have gotten her to a hospital in 30 minutes.


Whatever happened to the Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill”? We know euthanasia is one of the five “non-negotiables” in the Catholic religion—that is, inherently evil every time. But Obama fails miserably on all five.


A slight majority of Catholics actually voted to elect Obama president. Go figure…



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