North Korea--Missile Defense--The Perfect Opportunity


The Yomiuri Daily, Japan’s most popular paper, reported that North Korea [N. Korea Missile Hawaii] intends to launch a Taepodong-2 missile towards Hawaii sometime between 6/4 and 6/8. Even though the Taepodong-2’s range is supposedly 2000 miles, and Hawaii’s main islands are almost 4500 miles away, a launch would send a chilling message.


The opportunity to have the shot heard “round the world” presents itself. This shot is not the sound of the Taepodong-2 launching, but the collision, and destroying, of the North Korean missile by a US missile defense launch.


The Korean missile might never reach Hawaii, but everyone and their brother-in-law would know Missile Defense is now a viable, and proven, form of defense against a missile launch by a rogue state. There would be no deaths, no mass destruction, only proof that the world has progressed to the step of elimination of nuclear arms. And it was the US that led the way.


Already North Korea has defied numerous international warnings, and actually threatened war in protest of UN sanctions. Maybe Obama believes that missile defense can actually work. He’s already equipped Hawaii with missile for defense against a rogue attack. Even if a missile could not reach all the way to Hawaii, a simple shoot down would be highly instructive to many.


North Korea would realize that every long range (and short range) missile they have to either wreak havoc or simply threaten, would be antiquated. Every penny dumped into most WMDs would be worthless. Tons of mustard gas, phosgene, sarin, and blood agents they have would be useless.


Even leaders of China and Russia have serious concerns about Pyongyang’s unpredictable actions. South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak recently stated about North Korea’s successful tests “…other non-nuclear countries in Northeast Asia would be tempted to possess nuclear weapons and this would not be helpful for stability in Northeast Asia.”  


Even a little speculation on a successful shoot down of a North Korean missile would result in: 1) the slowing or halting of production of carriers of WMD, 2) more money available for food and other creature needs, 3) a major incentive for other countries not to “weaponize”, 4) US or any other associated country cannot be coerced or strong-armed into any unfavorable position because of a threat, 5) reduction or elimination of nuclear threats by other rogue nations, 6) eliminate the ever-present nuclear option Iran will have, and 6) reduce one of the many terrorist WMD possibilities.


Even though the North Korean dictator Kim Jong is in poor health, his brother-in-law or middle son is believed to be possible options to take over for Kim Jong [North Korea preparing for new leadership? (OneNewsNow.com)]. According to Lt. Col. Bob McGinnis (Senior Military Strategist), anyone lined up to succeed Kim will unfortunately persist with the brutality of his administration.


The unwillingness to deal forcefully with the North Koreans goes back to 1968 [Oliver North : Appeasing Outlaws – Townhall.com when the USS Pueblo was seized in international waters by North Korean patrol boats. Maybe we’d better to take the bull by the horns and show what the US can do when cornered. It’s time to act decisively.


Of course, Obama can sit and wait this crisis out. But it’ll bite much harder next time.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected]