Jewish Vote Only a Microcosm of Reality


According to a The New York Jewish Week, article, 83% of the Jewish community in the US supported Obama in the last presidential election. Other polls put the number at 78%. Even a difference of 5% in other polls is well within the stated margin of error, especially with Obama receiving more than ¾ of the Jewish vote. That number is far from logical, knowing the very recent history of the Jewish nation-state: Israel.


Just last week, Obama told a worldwide audience of more than 100 million people, that the killing of Jews in the Holocaust (6 million) was the equivalent of Israel’s actions in handing the Palestinian incursions into Israel.


There has to be something to make the vast majority of a minority to vote for one presidential candidate over another. It’s interesting the Mormons, Protestants, and Catholics understand the threat of Obama with the extinction of Israel, but the majority of American Jews don’t?


Obama flaunts groups like Hamas and their accomplishments for the Palestinians, but they continually use terror tactics to accomplish their purposes. Obama says Israel has treated the Palestinians poorly, but there is no Muslim country that protects its minorities as well as Israel. Israeli Arabs have one of the highest standards of living of any Muslim country, and are the best educated Arabs in the world.


Obama’s speech seems to rewrite the history of Jews, Muslims, and Christians. He seems to forget Islams’s long and bloody history of violence against Jews and Christians, and how the Crusades attempted to turn back the Muslim onslaught that demanded conversions [Newsmax.com – Rabbi: Obama Breeds Climate of Hate Against Jews].


Does he realize how did the Middle East, most of Spain, and Western Europe become Muslim in the first place? He even failed to mention that Arab Muslims were the greatest slave traders in history, and there is no Jewish synagogue or Christian church operating within Saudi Arabia. Along with that, he failed to mention that any Jew or Christian risks beheading for practicing their religion within Saudi Arabia.


Malcolm Hoenlein: Jews ‘Very Concerned’ About Obama (leader of 50 major US Jewish groups), states “The reason why Palestinians don’t have a state is because their leaders rejected every offer for peace”. Hoenlien continues, “Whether is was in 1937, or 1947, or 1967, or later on, up until Ehud Olmert’s offer, and Ehud Barak’s offer, they rejected everything, even when they were getting virtually everything they asked for.”  Palestinians simply are not ready to accept the existence of the Jewish state.


Iran’s Ahmadinejad has stated his objectives are to erase the face of Israel from the map. Obama has traveled twice to the Mid East without ever visiting Israel, a staunch ally of the US.


Exit polls: How Obama wonDavid Paul KuhnPolitico.com showed that Obama garnered 96% of Black voters, and 67% of Hispanics. But on the major issue by far, 63% of voters said it was the economy, and only10% said the war in Iraq. It seems obvious that minorities pushed Obama to the win.


But Jews in general are becoming increasingly concerned with Obama. Minorities are realizing they’re paying more federal taxes, getting fewer job opportunities, and partially own the largest debt in the history of mankind. Obama’s attempts to appease as many terrorists as possible seem likely to backfire sooner than expected.


Most expect the worst, but pray for the best.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected]