Unrest Could Lead to Separation of the Union


One cannot doubt the unrest seen in the US now. Obama won the presidential election by 54-46, but that 46% is almost half the country. The ‘us versus them’ mindset has taken over. When one hears words like “secede”, “rebellion”, and “revolution”, things get scary.


Then we get national “tea parties”, and we recently hear from Texas governor Rick Perry actually say separation (by Texas) from the Union is a possibility if Washington continues to show their inattention to people’s needs [Perry fires up anti-tax crowd].


Information from Judge Andrew Napolitano reveals that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warns of a rise in Right-Wing Extremism. A daughter of a couple attending a tea party in Kansas spoke of the mainstream media referring to the same thing: right-wing extremism at a tea party.


As Napolitano exclaims, the document lumps together in its definition of “rightwing extremism” hate groups, anti-government groups, and single issue groups “such as opposition to abortion or immigration. Already it is known that there will now be more than 1.3 million deaths/yr due to Roe vs. Wade, and the passage of FOCA which gives easier ability to abort. In the new Administration, the Right to Life has disappeared from the First Amendment.


Euthanasia in whatever state that decides to allow it shoots the Right to Life dead—pun intended. The increasingly egregious legislation against owning a personal gun shoots the Second in the foot, while aiming at the head.


The biggest deficit in the history of the US, Universal Healthcare (considering those of sufficient age or diagnosis likely not getting government funds to continue their life), reduction of funds for missile defense when it disallows any rogue country or terrorist the ability to hold the US hostage (and doesn’t kill anyone), continued support of same-sex marriage (not in the Constitution), the support of the past lending system of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which initiated the current financial mess, and the possibility the existing president not being a natural born citizen— unfit to hold the office of the presidency—should be enough to totally bury the existing administration.


Right now many Americans are limited to sending faxes, personalized objections, unfilled red envelopes, letters, and angry politicians to change the direction of the country. Will they have enough patience to survive for four more years? Does this guarantee that the opposing party will be elected four years from now? What will America look like in four years if the present administration continues?


If secession is a real option, an educated guess is the separation will occur along the lines of red and blue states [Election maps]. But if that route is used, the blue states (those in favor of the existing administration policies) are primarily on the coasts and the potential problems of a distinct separation are too numerous to enumerate.


The real telling illustration is the county by county tally. Other potential options include a viable third party which has been bubbling to the surface lately. And the ever present option of allowing more states’ independent rights and abilities to pass specific laws.


In any case, it will be difficult for any concerned citizen to live with the fact that over 1/5 of the American population was killed by abortion since Roe alone, including ¼ of the Black population that has been decimated by the same hideous procedure. It is our sincerest hope that somehow God is willing to allow mercy for our embattled nation after an atrocity of that magnitude.




Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].