Promiscuous Sex Is Normal, Right?

The edict has been posted. We are now officially under the assumption that we all will have promiscuous sex out of wedlock, and we cannot stop it. We even have a vaccine called Gardasil to help prevent physical problems resulting from such activity.


With all the Gardasil (Merck) commercials on TV lately, you’d think that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Approximately six million women and men are infected every year with the sexually transmitted disease HPV (Human Papillomavirus). The commercial says “I want to be one less woman who battles cervical cancer.”

All cases of HPV caused by about 40 viruses are self-limiting. That is, they usually do not form cancer. According to VRBPAC (Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee), when Gardasil is given to a woman with a harmless form of HPV the virus can become activated by increasing the likelihood of precancerous lesions by 44.6%.

And no, Gardasil is not a “one-timer”. It’s given in three shots, over six months, at a cost of $300-$500. But the FDA has noted “compelling evidence” that it could worsen cervical cancer for those that already have it. Even with the mass infections of HPV, it’s recorded that only 12,000 women/yr in the US are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and approximately 4000 die from it.

VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System) has reported 45 cases of spontaneous abortion following Gardasil vaccination in the two years it has been available. Those deaths by spontaneous abortion are nothing compared to the innumerable deaths resulting from the HPV virus being activated to cancerous lesions by Gardasil injections.

In 2 years, there have been almost 10,000 reports of side effects for taking an injection. These (Judicial Watch) include negative neurological responses, debilitation of the immune system, congenital birth defects, grand-mal seizures, Guillain-Barr Syndrome, paralysis, blood clots, lupus-like conditions, nausea, and dizziness, just to name a few. Even Merck reported to the FDA the shot gives 27% of pregnant women an adverse reaction, and stated it is not known if an injection can cause fetal harm.

This does not include the 21 deaths by girls who have just taken the HPV vaccinations (CWA/Crouse). The vaccine is only approved for younger women so it seems it’s better to get a virginity test, pregnancy test, and an HPV test before the vaccination. It’s unlikely this has ever been done, however.

Abstinence before marriage, and fidelity after, is the best protection against any sexually transmitted disease. The National Vaccine Informational Center (NVIC) notes cancer screening through annual pap smears have curbed cervical cancer in the last 37 years by 74%. This is especially true since the average age of a cervical cancer patient is 47.

Does animal instinct of sex trump good ol’ common sense? Is Someone trying to tell us something, but we keep turning a deaf ear? A few things can be immediately concluded:

o the risk of acquiring HPV approaches zero by avoiding promiscuity

o Gardasil can activate a normally inactive and common HPV virus

o Gardasil inoculation says to a teenager, “Your going to have sex anyway, so we’ll give up on trying to teach you against promiscuity.”

o risk of cervical cancer is multiplied at least 10x with Gardasil

o with Gardasil, there’s a 30% chance any cancer that might exist will not be affected, chances of serious side effects, possible death for those just injected, and possible miscarriage is if you’re already pregnant

o abstinence before and fidelity after marriage, and annual pap smears result in a much higher likelihood than Gardasil injections for cancer-free life

What’s next–that CO2 production is controlling the planet’s weather, so we’ll spend billions, cripple economies, and do nothing to change natural anomalies or the temperatures, but we’ll feel good about it?

It’s highly likely that if “Someone”{GOD} was asked about taking Gardasil, He wouldn’t be in favor of a young girl deciding there were no risks to being promiscuous. But it really sounds like He’s already given us an answer.


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