People Like This Still Exist?


When one meets someone like this, he’s not only taken aback, but begins to hope that there is some good left in the world. One does not expect to find out this kind of individual actually exists, but is shocked that the real world actually allows this life to continue. This type of individual has moved mountains before, but few give him any credit.


One wonders exactly what kind of mom and dad produces this kind of offspring? He has been known throughout history to die for his beliefs, if necessary. A history of this individual reveals calm in the face of severe pain, ridicule, or chastisement. Throughout history it’s likely that you, personally, have known one of these special individuals.


Historically, this type of individual has been drawn and quartered, burned to death, devoured alive by wild animals, shot, stabbed, beheaded, raped, run over, skinned alive, hanged, and crucified. What could possibly encourage a person to ever go through that kind of personal suffering and loss of life? There’s only one reason.


This individual will do many things an able person would normally not do. He constantly visits those sick or terminally ill. If necessary, he will stay up all night and provide solace to the afflicted individual. And if they die, he’s at their funeral, and even helps to bury the dead.


He seems to help out with any cause that is good, and directs people to those causes. He’ll give the shirt off his back to those who ask, and sometimes to those who don’t ask. He’ll try to push the wayward back to the right path, and give them some sort of purpose in life.


Wealth and fame are low priorities, and he would rather stay in the shadows while someone else is helped. He’ll always give advice to those who look to receive some for a past sin, a rocky marriage, or some sort of mental difficulty. He seems to be in battle with many things. In America, cultural norms, promiscuity, and immorality are typical assailants.


He’ll even go out and compete in an athletic competition with a group of people, as in a soccer game. But he won’t get drunk after the game, stoned on drugs, or go after illicit sex to celebrate the win. Somehow, he’s got the wherewithal to discuss how abstinence until marriage always wins.


It was more than inspiring to see that at least one of these same individuals actually forgave a person who had shot him within the past 50 years. In fact, this same individual was caught on TV, taking sustenance through a feeding tube. He knew he was about to die, but wanted to demonstrate the sheer folly of euthanasia.


With all of these actions, a regular person might be tempted to think this individual may be God Himself. But this individual would likely bristle at the thought, and immediately correct such a statement.


However, it wouldn’t be surprising if this individual admitted that he wouldn’t mind being one of God’s helpers. This individual is after the one thing mentioned earlier. But he knows better than most, not achieving the stated objective can be extremely unpleasant.

Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].