Old Myths Die Hard--Especially Overpopulation


Many still believe in myths. The myth of overpopulation is popular, but many look at the final numbers without looking at the trends. Many refuse to look at the falling birthrates and fertility rates. Birth control, abortion, sterilization, and various contraception techniques have all dictated a declining population within a short period of time.


By 2020 people will begin to see what the future holds, if it is not too late.  Each woman bearing 2.1 children is considered at the “breakeven” or “replacement” rate. Per the CIA ( World Factbook), in 2000 the replacement rate was 2.8 worldwide. In 2008, it was 2.6. If one simply extrapolates that number for eight years from 2008, one gets 2.4. A little math will easily dictate by the year 2200, we will likely be in a population freefall.


In the book by Phillip Longman (The Empty Cradle), China, Russia, and Europe are already reaching an inevitable economic crisis because of items of abortion and ageing. Abortion reduces the workforce, eliminates people who would solve crises encountered, and older people retire and reduce the available workforce. According to real numbers by Steven Mosher (Demographic Winter), Italy, Spain, Russia, and even France could cease to exist in this century as we know them.


CIA’s fertility ranking in 2008 puts France at 1.98—below replacement. Australia is at 1.78, China is at 1.77, Russia is at 1.40, Spain and Italy are at 1.30, Japan is at 1.22, and Hong Kong is at 1.00. Nobel Prize Economist winner (Gary Becker) notes 70 countries now have fertility rates below replacement (LifeNews//1/9/09). And only 6 months ago, that below- replacement rate was for only 59 nations (Demographic Winter trailer/ www.demographicwinter.com).


In the US, this is even scarier than it sounds. Popular author Steven Kotler (blog: The Playing Field) believes the planet is running out of resources such as oil, food, water, and land. He wants to loose 4.4 billion people quickly, and wrote that jail time is the answer for having too many kids.


Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd Society) has called human beings the “AIDS of the Earth”. Both Kotler and Watson think mandatory birth control is a great idea. Scientist Paul Erlich (Malthus wannabe) suggested compulsory birth regulation through the addition of temporary sterilants to food or water supplies. All of this is in his successful 1968 book, The Population Bomb.


Of course Malthus, Kotler, Erlich, and other doomsayers have all been proven stunningly wrong—especially over the last century. By pouring billions into anti-people organizations such as UNFPA and IPPF, we have been forcing population control programs on others, and not ourselves.


One always hears that over-population is directly due to poverty. It has been proven over and over that high human population has not caused poverty. Poverty has occurred because of bad economic policies and laws. We know that certain global health threats such as neonatal and maternal deaths to diarrhea, malaria, and other infectious diseases are creations of poverty.


In the 20th century we saw humanity quadruple to more than six billion. In that same time period, life span doubled to over sixty years, food production widely outstripped population growth, and global GDP per capita quintupled. Even if one looks at the long-term trend in grain prices over the last century, he will notice they have been heading steadily downward at a rate of 7-10% per decade (Nicholas Eberstadt/ American Enterprise Institute).


When God said in Genesis “Be fruitful and multiply”, was He just speaking theoretically? Did He know with the gifts he gave to the earth, actually 10x the amount of people or more could live on earth with no problem? Did He realize that man has no business attempting to control other peoples’ lives? Did He understand man’s folly at population control could very well lead to the destruction of the human race?


A true Christian realizes the last three interpretations are likely true.

Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].