Democrats Solidify Their Separation


Democrats run the House, the Senate, the Presidency, the Judiciary, but they wanted a little bit more in North Carolina. They figured they were powerful enough in the state to do what they wanted, so they decided they wouldn’t allow a vote on the issue of a specialty license plate—a “Choose Life” plate.


On 2/17/09 there was a legislative rally in front of the General Assembly Building in Raleigh.  The main purpose of the NC Right to Life and NC Pro-life Democrats protesters was to simply allow a floor vote on the legislation (R-85). This is simply the ugly tip of an even uglier problem.


Nationally, the voluntary purchase and renewal of more than 456,000 “Choose Life” plates has raised almost $10 million for pregnancy care. Bob Egelko (San Francisco Chronicle) has admitted that California has received 7,500 separate paid applications for specialty license plates. Backers of the proposed “Choose Life” plate failed several times to obtain that specialty plate. A federal court ruling (2004) declared the entire specialty plate program unconstitutional, but the judge did allow previously approved plates to remain.


Lately, one party has overstepped its acquired political power. Within the past year there was a discussion in the House about allowing the US to drill for oil in US territory. Having control of the majority of the House, Democrats decided they would decide.


Even though the majority of Americans thought otherwise, Democrats halted any discussion of drilling, and shut off the lights on those who still had something to say. They wouldn’t allow a vote on drilling in the US. And the US is still importing most of its oil, and can still be blackmailed when it comes to obtaining more oil. It seems Democrats want control of America no matter what the cost.


Currently, North Carolina issues 130 specialty plates. There is no party affiliation necessary for “Choose Life” plates.  The plate simply shows support for positive, life-affirming options for any pregnant woman no matter which party she belongs too. The goal is to provide funds for those agencies that help educate women about the benefits of adoption over abortion–for agencies providing maternal heath care, parenting skills, and caring adoption programs.


Already the government provides services (Medicare/Medicaid) for needs after an abortion. It seems as though the funds provided from these specialty plates reduces the abortions, and thereby abortion costs. And, they allow more people to live.


The action of legislators running roughshod over their bosses (taxpayers) is way out of hand. Current specialty plates are allowed for wildlife, animal lovers, forestry, ducks, buffalo, sea turtles, and much more. It seems as we have skewed our priorities of the life of a human being.


Are they afraid of losing on one issue that bad? It does seem like some “Right to Life” supporters may need to change parties. Especially since the right to ‘life’ is the top priority issue. Democrats believe the “Choose Life” plates to be a wedge issue, and if they loose on this issue, their entire platform begins to crumble. But they are dead in the water (excuse the pun) if they think ignoring the issue will make it go away.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].