Accessing Eleven Dimensions


A hundred years ago, we didn’t know what radiation was, or that light travels in waves, or galaxies farther away from us are speeding away at a faster pace than closer galaxies. Even 350 years ago when Galileo said that the solar system revolved around the sun (heliocentric) instead of around the earth (geocentric), almost nobody believed him.



A recent NOVA broadcast (The Elegant Universe) showed how Einstein knew that space could actually warp or stretch. He worked on a single theory, or unification of all the forces known to man: [S (strong nuclear force) + W (weak nuclear force) + EM (electromagnetism) + G (gravity)].  



String theory picks up where Einstein left off. String theory says everything in the universe is made up of small vibrating strings. Dimensions are simply degrees of freedom.  Einstein’s successor, Ed Whitten, predicted 11 dimensions (with existing three spatial dimensions, plus time) in his “M” theory



Degrees of freedom can be various. For example, physicists dealing with electrons have quantum numbers like spin, isospin, charge, twist, and baryon numbers. A typical pool table is two dimensional. But when the balls are hit, sound waves go in all directions, without being seen. Gravitons, theoretical particles, are a discreet unit of gravitational energy. It is believed gravitons are free to escape into other dimensions. Gravity waves may even be ways to communicate into other dimensions.



Multiple physicists in the Elegant Universe believe if you cannot test a theory, it is philosophy. If you can, it’s science. Philosophy is defined in this case as “an explanation of the universe”, or “religious beliefs or traditions” (Thorndike-Barnhart). But science and religion can be married. One must remember that just because something cannot be proved, it does not make it untrue, but different dimensions can be tested.



The person who made all dimensions, Jesus Christ, has some thought provoking insights spoken through an intermediary in October of 2008. The message was delivered through Mary Sweeney-Kyle of Elyria, (Holy Love Ministries) Ohio, to all of us. Jesus said, “…For there is no past or future in Heaven—no element of time which changes the present into the past. All affection you ever experienced or felt on earth will be ever present to you. …”



Finally, we realize that time is not a dimension that is present in eternity. Those in eternity are cognizant of how everything will happen, because for them time is not a dimension that exists. The future is always known. Therefore each person’s eternal fate, and the eventual outcome of humanity on this earth, is already known.



A growing majority of scientists believe that string theory holds answers for many questions. To prove the possibility of unknown particles that could lead to the discovery of other dimensions, after $6.6 billion the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will smash protons at close to the speed of light. With this, physicists hope to understand the conditions of the universe a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang.



First proposed more than 20 years ago, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has built a circular 17-mile tunnel (LHC) for the last 10 years under the French-Swiss border .By creating hundreds of thousands of collisions each second, physicists will try to replicate the universe immediately after the Big Bang.



CERN should provide the first experimental evidence supporting “string theory”. There, electrons, photons, quarks, Higgs-Bosuns, and other fundamental particles could be different vibrations of extremely small strings in 10 different dimensions. Most dimensions remain hidden from our eyes because, although gravity can reach out into these dimensions, all other forces are confined to our 3D world.



The Coup de Grace of all LHC findings could be the long-hypothesized Higgs-Boson, or “God particle”, as it is known. That’s why you need a large collider to produce the Higgs. The more energy in the collision, the more massive the particles in the debris. That debris will show up in a detector’s computers. The LHC can create a compact bundle of energy which might be in existence long enough to be recognized.



Steve Giddings (physicist/University of California), expects to have huge amounts of evidence from the LHC supporting string theory. “It would be extremely exciting to see string properties directly. …All of this would be the ultimate jackpot scenario.”



That’s likely a rare time a scientist has been that excited about anything. That would directly indicate that other dimensions do exist as predicted. The real question is, can we open our mind just as much. Be prepared to have beliefs on their ear in less than a year.


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