Reasons to Fear NO Missile Defense


In 8/08, a national poll by the MDAA revealed that 87% of Americans believed we should have a missile defense system. But in November 2008, America elected a presidential candidate who specifically said “I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.”  What does this mean?


Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) gives the first step towards nuclear elimination. Ability to shoot down any incoming missile reverses the option of any enemy, rogue state, or terrorist entity from blackmailing, threatening, or outright elimination of people from this earth. BMD can actually boast of the ability to accomplish tasks without one dead person. It gives the ability to sell technology to friendly nations who want protection under this nuclear umbrella. It has the potential to significantly reduce budgets of included countries from having to invest in a nuclear arsenal.


But there’s a threat now from Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who said Russia would target new installations (BMD) in Poland and the Czech Republic if such defensive measures were taken. Plans in these two countries are for defensive radar systems and Patriot missile batteries only.


Bottom line, if these systems are installed, Russia will no longer be able to claim shared superiority of nuclear arsenals. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said a missile shield is clearly aimed at weakening Russia. Of course, that is technically correct if Russia actually plans an offensive action against Poland or any other participating nation.


It’s interesting that Russia insists Warsaw’s hosting of ten US interceptor missiles just 115 miles from Russia’s westernmost frontier opens the country up to “attack”. Three items raise immediate questions: 1) westernmost frontier poses how many Russians in danger, 2) ten interceptor missiles can’t stop hundreds of Russian ICBM’s, and 3) possible elimination of nukes(?).


It’s a given that the Kremlin’s intelligence would be able to easily determine that all BMD missiles are purely defensive, and have absolutely no nuclear capability. All this Russian bluster has prompted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to say, “The Russians are losing their credibility.”


A concept that as definitely been considered is the security of Russia’s nuclear arsenal, and the prospects of weapons falling into the hands of Muslim terrorists.


But one must keep in mind the driving forces behind Russia’s motivations. On the positive side, Russia is awash in gas and petrodollars. Petroleum gives Putin the power to wage war, and set terms for peace in their favor.

On the negative side, Russia’s use of abortion as birth control has led to greater that 5.5 million infertile couples. The number of infertile women in Russia has been growing to almost 250,000 people each year, per Marina Tarasova (St. Petersburg Research Institute for Gynecology and Obstetrics). With low birth rates and early deaths, Russia’s population is declining by almost 750,000 people per year.


Russia is in trouble because it is losing Russians. With a birthrate of 1.17 children per woman, that is far below the 2.1 needed to replace the existing population (Barry McLerran/Demographic Winter). Russia also has one of the world’s lowest average life spans on the planet—66.6 years (CIA).


Sales of Russian military hardware to Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and North Korea are up significantly in the last two years. The growing Iranian missile threat, Russia claiming the North Pole, and joint military exercises with China scream something is going on. Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) has recently admitted close cooperation between Caracas and Moscow in building a nuclear reactor. This is in addition to the Russian-built Bushehr light water nuclear reactor capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium in Iran (Oliver North/Freedom Alliance).


Russia feels very threatened. The US with BMD now could eliminate all nuclear co-superiority the Russians would like to command. It’s likely that the Russians fear the defense the Allies might have, and like a proud male, need to show and/or demonstrate their once proud worldly might.


It seems as though the recent election of Obama may deny any real advantage America had on the world stage, and significantly slims the chance for world peace. Obama supporters certainly are in for a big change.

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