B. Hussein Obama Cabinet

Our Beloved Leader, using His Infinite Wisdom, has announced His Holy Cabinet that will lead America to Heaven on Earth.

P.S.: “Heaven on Earth” means “North Korea” in Obamanian language.* Secretary of Peace and Love (formerly Secretary of Defense): Dennis Kucinich* Secretary of State: John Kerry* Attorney-General: Charles Schumer* Secretary of Treasury: Barney Frank* Secretary of Education: Bill Ayers* Secretary of Health and Human Services: Hillary Clinton* Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Franklin Raines* Secretary of Veterans Affairs: John Murtha* Secretary of Energy: Nancy Pelosi* Secretary of the Interior: (To be announced)* Secretary of Agriculture: (To be announced)* Secretary of Commerce: George Soros* Secretary of Labor: John Sweeney* Secretary of Transportation: (To be announced)* Secretary of Homeland Security: Abdullah al-Muhajir, a.k.a. José Padilla* Chief of Staff: Tony Rezko* Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency: Al Gore