Why Senator McCain? Why?

Playing nice with the President, Mr. Senator?

Respecting the Office of the President, Mr. Senator?

I know the above are typical of you.

But in this case, many of us will not forgive you.

All the Republicans and conservatives are “unanimous” that the economy has been tanking and Pres_ent Obama is poorly performing his job.

But not you.

You had the courage to make a categorical statement about Obama that he was deserving some “credits”.*

I think you could say that it is a short-term improvement in the economy. And I’ll be glad to give him credit for that. But the question that I think we should be asking are the long term consequences of this unprecedented debts and deficits — are they beneficial to the country? And I think the answer is no.” [See Ref.]

Did you really say that, Sir? I still can’t believe it. (To be fair, I didn’t see you on TV saying those statements.)

Despite the oxymoron, can you explain what you were trying to mean by “improvement in the economy”?

Do you realize what you have just done?   You have discredited your fellow Republicans and more than half of the American people on what they have witnessed with their own eyes in the last 6 months:

The Economy has become worse in just 6 months of Obama’s Pres__ency.  Worse!

The macroeconomic statistics (including a negative GDP) generally support that observation.   Are you referring to the misguided GDP statistics, Mr. Senator?

While the rest of the World are now starting to post a positive GDP growh after the 2008 crisis, Obama’s performance is still negative: -1% GDP growth.

Are you crediting Obama for the bullish stock market in the last 3 or 4 months?   I remember you stopped your campaign when the market had crashed last September 2008.  No, Mr. Senator.   These rallies are still artificial.   Outside factors have influenced that bullish market (still questionable to me if it’s really bullish).  If Obama’s actions have had any influence, any “honest” market analyst will agree with me that they are more of a negative influence, not a positive one.

Retract your statement, Senator McCain.

THE ECONOMY IS GOING DOWN.   Obama’s socialist policies are ill-thought, anti-business and anti-economy!

Please, I have enough of these beltway platitudes, Mr. Senator.   It only creates an unnecessary confusion to the real and honest message of Republicans in the Congress and the grassroot conservatives on the street.

It now time to say “pig when it’s really a pig.”


McCain gives Obama credit on economy

GDP Reference. [Warning: Data are biased in my viewpoint.]

Note:  I don’t usually make diaries.  I’m only an average RS reader.  But this diary is my only way to manage my own anger.  (In short, forgive me if I waste your time.)