HEY REDSTATERS: CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF AIG SCANDAL, ETC.? What about the Not-So Recent Rasmussen Poll?

I know everyone is busy with so many things.      Our hands are full of the following:
  • The AIG Fiasco.
  • The Stimulus Packages.
  • The Budget Deficits.
  • Brown’s visit.
  • Hamas, Syria, Iran, Russia, etc.;
  • CA’s SC’s Gay Marriage
  • Tax Increases
  • Illegal Immigrants
  • MSM Attacks on the Pope …..  and so on.
Maybe it’s just me but I’ve noticed that no one seems paying any attention to this very irrelevant Rasmussen report last March 17:
Generic Congressional Ballot
Republicans Take Small Lead on Generic Congressional Ballot
If you must know, the current score is 41-39 in favor of the Rs.
This is the first time that the Republicans have taken the lead from the Democrats since 2006 Elections.
I just thought that some of you might get interested on this non-news story (‘though it’s already 2 days old.)
Thanks for your precious time.   You may now go back to more important and pressing things.
Reference: rasmussen report