Reuters's "Israel-Hamas Violence Disrupts Gaza Truce" News: A Welcome Surprise or a Early Test for Obama?

Reuters has reported that the Hamas fired dozens of rockets at Israel on the same day (possibly earlier) that the MSM declared that Barack Hussein Obama would be the 44th President of the United States of America. An excerpt from Reuters report Israel-Hamas violence disrupts Gaza truce Wed Nov 5, 2008 10:23am EST is as follows:

Hamas fired dozens of rockets at Israel on Wednesday after Israeli forces killed six Palestinian militants in an eruption of violence that disrupted a four-month-old truce along the Gaza Strip’s frontier.

The rocket attacks, which included salvoes that landed in the coastal Israeli city of Ashkelon, caused no casualties.

Sources in Hamas, an Islamist group that runs Gaza, said calm could return if Israel did not retaliate. Israel’s defense minister also signaled it did not want the truce to collapse.

A breakdown of the Egyptian-brokered Gaza ceasefire would pose yet another challenge to U.S. efforts, opposed by Hamas, to achieve a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

Relatedly, the Jewish Journal has reported that 78% of American Jews have voted for Barack Obama. Obama—who won 78% of Jewish vote—faces global disarray, Mideast challenges. Said report quoted an UCLA political scientist as follows:

No matter who was elected president, they would have to to re-accrue the political capital squandered by President Bush in his last years of office, said Steven Spiegel, a political scientist at UCLA. Obama, however, makes a better case than Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), his Republican rival, Spiegel said.

“What Obama is really offering is the olive branch in one hand and the other is a fist,” he said.

Olive Branch and a Fist from President-Elect Obama! As an American, I hope that this technique of “finally ending the conflict in the Middle East” by Obama will work. After all, it’s one of his promises, right?

My take:

  1. I do not really believe that the Democrats’ rant against Pres. Bush will be over after January 20, 2009. I think that even the failure of the Democrat-run Federal Government in the next 2-4 years will continue to be blamed against the Republican Party. As per Michelle Malkin, Gird your loin! Conservatives and Republicans!. The endless lies and blame games of the democrats and MSM may still continue.

  2. For the 78% of the Jews voted for Obama, I just wish that you are all correct in choosing your next president. I hope that Pres. Elect Obama meets or even surpasses your expectations. After all, it’s for the good of every American.

  3. Paging G. W Bush and John S. McCain. American Jews remain to be heavily democrat and liberal, no matter what sacrifices you do. (No offense meant to Sen. Liebermann.) For one, my Zionist viewpoint has already faltered.

  4. Could this be Joe Biden’s prophecy on Obama’s first 6-month test as President?