McCain is "QUICK" in conceding to Barack Obama!

So it is written… Barack Obama is the 44th President of United Socialist State of America.

Post Mortem:

Let me take this opportunity to say my farewall to President Bush. Thank you for the last 8 years by making our country safe. I have forgiven you in all your shortcomings. I wish that you help us rebuild our party again for the future of our children.

I salute the true American Hero, Senator John McCain, for being the most honorable American presidential candidate. He has shown his true love for America, despite of defeat.

I thank the undisputable Strong Lady from Alaska, Governor Sarah Palin, who has valiantly fought the battle with grace and a heart-warming smile, despite of all the personal attacks against her. Anytime you want to start your campaign for 2012, always count me in.

My heart goes to Sen. Elizabeth Dole, my senator. Despite the loss, I truly honor you, my great Senator.

Stop the “Blame” Game!

Please, fellow republicans… stop the blame game. It’s not really John’s fault. It’s not really Sarah’s fault. We would suffer the same if we had had nominated a different candidate (say Fred, Rudy or Mitt).

Stop listening to those conservative traitors and RINOs who colluded with the socialists and the Anti-Americans. In addition, the major enemy of the Republicans are the lies of the mainstream media against the conservatives and republicans. MSM has really destroyed the Republican Party in the last 8 years. They have lied against President Bush and “us”. And they think they can get away with it.

Let the Obama Chronicles begin!

The next phase of our battle begins today. Like what the Democratic Party did in 2000, there should be no honeymoon. We must always remember those promises made by Obama and assess all his actions against his words in the next 2 years. Check out all those minions, the traitors, and other sycophants in the tank of Obama.

Obama’s presidency is a long, long night of fear and uncertainties. I consider myself now as the conservative Nightwatchers! Let us closely watch every move of the forthcoming Democrat-run Federal Government. Let us a make a case whether Obama is really what he and the Democrats say he is. We must not allow the Democrats further destroy our country.

Conservatives from Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Ohio Pennsylvannia, and rest of the America… don’t be disheartened. We may have been defeated today but it’s just one of those many battles ahead of us. Let us do the groundwork. Let us work together again and rebuild our party, our policies, our principles, our courage and our love for America.

Onward, my fellow conservatives… join the march….let’s fight and win the War against Socialism and Liberalism!