McCain Sent his Candidate VP Family to Reach Out Common Americans Like Us

Sarah, Todd and even Piper are everywhere campaigning for the Republican Party’s ticket.

Palin successfully dropped the puck in Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. Surprisingly, there’s not much booes (although sportswriters and NY Times made a big deal out of it.) Rangers center Scott Gomez and Flyers center Mike Richards showed their sportsmanship, something that irritated the NY Times. In the end, it was the most “behaved” crowd I’ve ever seen in a hockey game.

On a plus side, Piper is so cute! My son has a crush on her…sweet!

Meanwhile,Bangor Daily News has a positive report to Todd’s visit in 2nd District of Maine this Saturday. He was enthusiastically received by a good number of people at the Moosehead Trading Post.

Todd Palin in Maine District2

Despite the TrooperGate Report, the Palin Family amazingly continues to do their tasks for this campaign… UNHARMED. That’s the good news. I have a renewed and more solid respect to this wonderful family.

The Palins are really “one of us.”