Sgt. Ryan David Jopek's Father: The Bracelet was... between Obama and Wife Tracey... Not For Getting Votes!

Newsbusters’ Warner Todd Huston (a friend of RS?) has reported that Madison resident Brian Jopek, the father of Seargent Ryan David Jopek, has been pleading to Barack Obama to stop wearing his son’s bracelet as a campaign propaganda. Link

Obama has been mentioning the bracelet in his campaign trail. Sadly, he still couldn’t memorize the name of the Sgt. Jopek after the several times he used him in his campaign.

Many of us (including me) nailed Obama for forgetting the name of the soldier. It was due to the fact that we had had no prior knowledge of the said repeated request from the family of the Ryan.

To Ryan’s family, if our reference to the bracelet caused any pains on your side, please accept our apology. We mean you no harm.

Even if Ryan’s mother is a supporter of Obama, we have a duty to respect the wishes of Ryan’s family. After all, Ryan was, is and shall always be a true American hero in his own right. Let us honor Sgt. Jopek, an American hero, by respecting the wishes of his family.

To our patriot, Ryan Jopek, we salute you and honor you. We will always be thankful and remember your sacrifices in making America safer. To Mr. Brian Jopek and family, we extend our honor and admiration to your family for the bravery of your son, a true American.

You can visit Sgt. Jopek’s website here.