Atlantic-hired Photographer: McCain must look diabolic at all cost!

Noel Sheppard of Newsbuster has recently reported that a hardcore, Bush-hater, democrat photographer mishandled the photo-shoot of McCain for the cover of the latest edition of the Atlantic Magazine. Here. The photographer, as per report, intentionally made McCain to look sinister and diabolical. Here is the sample (although very small) look of the said Atlantic cover.


On the other hand, Sarah Palin is now the main character of a spoof. Sarah is being depicted as bible-thumping, immoral woman vice president. The spoof has a title of “Bibleside Chat with Sarah Palin”. Hereis the link to the sample videos.

Although not surprising, this election has become a very hostile environment for our Republican ticket. I believe that we are fighting enemies greater than us (both seen and unseen). The danger lies in fighting the unseen enemies. Only prayers and conviction are our main weapon in winning this war against the forces of socialism and nihilism within our midst.