Obama's rolling off his sleeves

See the latest investigative reporting results brought to us by Politico. Here.

pic from Politico

My take: Obama is trying to look like Palin, your “Average American”. *The Obama Camp already knows that his “Ivy League” records won’t save this election for him. The only problem is his team mate: Obama is stealing Biden’s byline…. *America’s Average Joe. Is Obama now dissing his Ivy League education? I would say another Obama-icon thrown under the bus.

On the other hand, Politico also has a special cover story to officially welcome Sarah Palin. The headline goes like this: “Palin’s Cold Shoulder”. * (Thanks! shoulder only, not heart). The story, however, aims to paint *Palin as the Next Cheney. The story was backed up by testimonies of ordinary (Anti-Palin?) Alaskans. Special thanks to “some” of the Alaskan contributors for the outstanding success of the report. Is it really payback time for some of you?

To sum up, the Dem Party’s *”Destroy Palin” Battle Cry *is now moving with haste.

My take: I wonder why nobody from the media wants to visit Illinois and do the same exemplary, thorough and un-biased vetting. This time, it will be for **the One. No budget allocated yet? I don’t think so. No instruction given yet? Hmmm…probably.

Sarah remember your roots:

Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.

Sarah, be wise like a serpent, and pray to your God. You have all of our support.

And you have McCain. He will never leave us in battle.