About the Poor Kid

I know we should not encourage the liberal fools by “us” imitating their ways. But please don’t get mad at me on this. I just want to highlight that the smear campaign still continues against Bristol.

In the site called Perez Hilton, the “alleged” Bristol is painted as easy-go-lucky, bad, bad teenage girl who loves drinking with her friends. Here’s the link. Note that the posting of pictures is dated September 2, 2008 at 10:00 AM.

But, here are my two cents:

  1. The pictures are not incriminating. The teenagers were just having a good time while taking photos of themselves using bottle of liquior as a props.
  2. There were no smoking, no actual drinking, and no lewdness… just typical teenagers.
  3. I couldn’t exactly distinguish Bristol in the pictures. Both girls don’t look exactly like Bristol.

Please check out the comments. This one is from someone named Sammy, who just relied on the title without fully studying the pictures.

She is an average 17 year old, Bushes daughter did some of the same stuff minus getting pregnant, Obama has 2 young daughters so his camp can not say much cause you never know what can happen when his girls get older. That being said it does make one wonder if you can not run/control your household how can you help run a country! Also goes back to my point that it will be hard for a woman with 5 children including a 4 month old with special needs to be a mom and V.P. if just her being a governor has given her daughter the opportunity to go out and get pregnant and drink etc. what will happen when she is really busy helping run a country. My heart goes out to these abandoned kids!!!

Now the last comment in the diary showed mercy to Palin’s daughter. Like me, the commenter also doubted the authenticity of the pictures.

Before ANYONE writes anything else about what a bad girl she is for underage drinking, go to Google, type in her name and look at some pictures of her and you’ll see for yourselves, like Perez should have done, that you are all slandering some random for underage drinking because that is NOT Bristol Palin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me, the blog is not just a typical “parody” but a malicious strategy to destroy the credibility of Palin (through her daughter.) I believe that in doing so, the site has done a terrible injustice not just to Bristol but to all American teenagers. Bristol has already suffered enough from the earlier lies concocted by the Kossites. When will all these things end for Bristol?

My question to Obama: Why are your followers not listening to you?