The Audacity of Jokes and Requests (again?)! Dreams about my RS: I sued the RedState.

What’s happening to RedState and the rest of the Conservative Bloggers? It seems to me that all us have also become “unwilling accomplices” of the Obamedia.

We have become reactionists: our eyes are fixed to Obama in his on-going pleasure trips abroad. We have become “defensive” in our strategy to promote our Republican/Conservative Candidate, Senator John McCain. We have been wasting our energies to find defensive answers to counter every word, statement and move by the Obamessiah in the last 2 days.

Instead of taking advantage of Obama’s absence, we are even helping the Obama’s surrogates, the MSM, to further promote the goal of their master while having a good time with the paparazzi. Instead of advancing the interests of the conservatives, we are the first ones who have been bewitched by the Obamessiah.

Surprisingly, the voters, are the ones that show resilience against the MSM lies and propaganda. And it has been attested by a recent Rasmussen Report. In the said report, the voters have become more cautious of Obamessiah and the MSM:

McCain is viewed favorably by 57% of voters, Obama by 53%. McCain is currently supported by 86% of Republicans and holds a modest–four percentage point—lead among unaffiliated voters. Obama earns the vote from 77% of Democrats …

Obama is currently on a European tour designed to bolster his foreign policy credentials here at home. Currently, voters trust McCain more than Obama on both national security issues in general (53% – 39%) and on Iraq in particular (49% – 37%)…

A growing percentage of voters also believe that most reporters are trying to help Obama win the election. Forty-nine percent (49%) hold that view while only 14% believe reporters are trying to help McCain. Other data shows that voters tend to think reporters are trying to make both the economy and Iraq seem worse than they really are.

Can’t you see the opportunities, guys? We need to help the voters to make the Right Choice. But how?

I’ve been asking myself, how can I best help these people who are searching for truth and seeking answers to their questions. We are currently giving too much attention to whatever Obamessiah has said and done in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. We are more concerned about what will be the next MSM interpretation of Al-Maliki’s statements. Do we really think that by focusing our God-given time and energy on these nonsense Obamessiah rhetorics and reports will really help our Conservative Candidate John McCain win this election? (In fact, it seems to me that the voice of John McCain has fainted (if not lost) at RS in these last few days.)

I therefore sue the RedState! (although I don’t know where to file my case, LOL!) Writing a diary and creating a long list of comments are very good (although sometimes annoying because there’s a troll that keeps coming and coming…) But these are not enough to be considered as the best efforts of RS in helping the voters (and my candidate John McCain! Don’t forget to VOTE for him in November, guys!)

I believe RS guys can do more in making RS more effective in its goals.

While Redstate is promoting Republican/Conservative Candidates, RS visitors and readers like me must sweat a gallon just to compile all the facts, valid opinions, and sound policies that are scattered in many diaries and comments around RS. (Never mind the contributions of the trolls). *Don’t get me wrong. I love those diaries and comments by my fellow conservatives and republicans. But what are the values of these diaries and comments if no one is distilling them in order to arrive at the best conclusions and best opinions on the various matters/issues being discussed. *Remember: Even a ton of information and opinions weighs nothing if they are not properly processed and distilled to arrive at the general truth and logical conclusion… supposedly the end goal of all the diaries.

In our quest to find ways to debunk Obama’s words and actions, our main objective has lost itself in so many paragraphs and write-ups stored at RS: Serving the (true) information needs the voters and help them decide to vote for John McCain.

It is about time for the Great RedState to create a set of *”Fixed, Directors-approved, Troll-free Diaries() of Conclusions & Distilled Facts” ** that provide clear and factual details of Republican/Conservative policies, effective government plans, and positions on national security, foreign relation, economy, energy and technology, market, housing, faith and values, and other topical issues that will open the eyes of the voters on the merits and advantage of voting for Senator John McCain as the 44th President of the United States of America in November.

Let RS further transform itself to effectively serve the need of the American People. Let RS be the main source of True Information, Facts, and Conclusions based on the Best Conservative Critical Thinking that the American people long for at this time of perils.

Let RS serve the need of the ordinary American people!

Nuff of this foolish and wimpy diary. I really just want to request from our good RS Directors and Genius Technicians (some are Lawyers too!) to have a “one-click” button cuing the reader/vistor to an RS corner that contains a summary of facts, logical conclusion and other useful things that have been derived from series of comment exchanges (plus the posted diary of course) and other reliable references. It would be heaven if they are also available in printable pdf files.

*Maybe not necessarily a diary.