McCain's got my Vote!!!!

I am so glad that McCain took Palin as a running mate because she shook things up and grabbed my attention to McCain. After watching all the media about Obama and how he’s for change etc. he said that McCain was too old etc. etc. I was going to vote for him, being snowballed like many others. But now, I have listened and it’s VERY clear that McCain will make an excellent president, and Obama really doesn’t have enough experience to be there. I watched the RNC for the first time in my adult life and am so much a McCain supporter now because I don’t want others to be blinded like I was. I have always voted for Democrats, but now I am voting for the man, not the party. I believe that McCain & Palin will make changes for the better for Americans. John McCain has served our country proudly and always put our country first. I agree with his running mate Palin. This is the kind of man I want running our country!!!!