We Encourage Barbarity by Pretending There are No Barbarians

A couple of weeks ago someone sent me a picture of Nigerian Muslims parading down their Third World streets with a cat they had crucified, supposedly in protest of the mythical founder of their religion being insulted by being accurately quoted in a parody video. Pictures and video have surfaced in Yemen of Black Christians — no doubt kidnapped from Africa for Yemen’s brutally racist slave trade — who were crucified by Muslims. Muslims in Thailand have murdered more than 5,000 innocent people in a Jihad aimed solely at destroying the existing non-Muslim population. And most outrageously the news has broken that a Pakistani government official has put a hit out on an American citizen using money we’re giving to that government.

Yet the left in this country, and to a certain extent libertarians, continue to council that there is some way to defuse this latest bout of Islamic violence as if these are rational, civilized actors. But are there rational, civilized actors in the Muslim world?

After kowtowing to radical Islamists and calling for the destruction of the First Amendment the Dhimmi in this country remain silent as Muslims burn Buddhist shrines, loot Hindu temples and rape children. We are told that Muslims are peaceful, and it is we who encourage their savage outbursts so we must bow to them to keep them from rioting. And of course we should send them billions in aid and help them conquer non-Muslims in the area. All of this will supposedly keep the peace with them.

If this all sounds familiar it’s because this scenario — being forced to pay tribute to barbarians — is part of the genetic memory of Western Civilization. Rome attempted to pay off the barbarians that sought to dominate the once great empire during their decline. We all know how that ultimately worked out.

Barbarians, whether they’re ancient Visigoths or today’s Wahhabists, only respect strength. Every time we apologize, or grovel, or give into one of these ridiculous demands the barbarians demand more. Now that the Islamic world has seen that violence works, that the free world led by America will acquiesce when challenged, there is more violence. If we did nothing there would be more violence. If we didn’t exist there would be more violence.

There is no peace to be had between civilization and barbarity. There can be no peace between the modern and the medieval. There is only a war between the two that we must win. We all know this, but our fear and the sheer enormity of this clash of civilizations makes many people want to pretend that this isn’t the reality we live in. It’s more comforting to believe that we can adjust our behavior and be left alone, that we can buy safety from the savage. This is the logic of the battered spouse, of the abused child. And we know those who hold to such beliefs are always betrayed by their illusions.

Are there Muslims that want peace? I don’t know. Here in America there seem to be a few but I know there are no Muslim countries where the majority want peace with the West. I know that there is no Muslim majority country where non-Muslims are safe. I know that in European countries where Muslims have large, growing enclaves Muslims are over-represented among criminals.

Is it our responsibility to accommodate Islam? No. It is the responsibility of Muslims to accommodate modernity and civilization the way every other culture on Earth does. Our only responsibility is to hold fast to our own values and be the light in a world of darkness the West has always been and must always be. We must call the barbarians what they are and then demand that they conform to civilized behavior.

To do anything else is to encourage more barbarity.