Occupy Wall Street Protesters Support the Enslavement of Producers

In a recent column, Mark Steyn expertly summed up the Occupy Wall Street movement this way:

In the old days, the tribunes of the masses demanded an honest wage for honest work. Today, the tribunes of America’s leisured varsity class demand a world that puts “people before profits.” If the specifics of their “program” are somewhat contradictory, the general vibe is consistent: They wish to enjoy an advanced Western lifestyle without earning an advanced Western living. The pampered, elderly children of a fin de civilisation overdeveloped world, they appear to regard life as an unending vacation whose bill never comes due.

So they are in favor of open borders, presumably so that exotic Third World peasants can perform the labor to which they are noticeably averse. Of the 13 items on that “proposed list of demands,” Demand Four calls for “free college education,” and Demand Eleven returns to the theme, demanding debt forgiveness for all existing student loans. I yield to no one in my general antipathy to the racket that is American college education, but it’s difficult to see why this is the fault of the mustache-twirling robber barons who head up Global MegaCorp. Inc. One sympathizes, of course. It can’t be easy finding yourself saddled with a six-figure debt and nothing to show for it but some watery bromides from the “Transgender and Colonialism” class. Americans collectively have north of a trillion dollars in personal college debt. Say what you like about Enron and, er, Solyndra and all those other evil corporations, but they didn’t relieve you of a quarter-mil in exchange for a Master’s in Maya Angelou. So why not try occupying the Dean’s office at Shakedown U?

Ah, but the great advantage of mass moronization is that it leaves you too dumb to figure out who to be mad at. At Liberty Square, one of the signs reads: “F**k your unpaid internship!” Fair enough. But, to a casual observer of the massed ranks of Big Sloth, it’s not entirely clear what precisely anyone would ever pay them to do.

Which is a good point, not lost I’m sure on the protesters themselves. The fantasy neo-communist society these people all seem to agree on is one  in which their basic needs as well as the accoutrements of the nouveau riche lifestyle they demand be made available to them for free. You and I and those evil corporations need to grow their food, build their machines, and keep them entertained during their massive amounts of free time. In return they will decide how we will be compensated, how we can live our lives, and according to some of the protesters, whether we will be allowed to live at all. If this all sounds suspiciously like the economic model of the Confederate States of America, you have a basic working knowledge of history which already separates you from the so-called 99%.

It is a dangerous illusion for Americans to dismiss this mob and its demands that your freedom be curtailed in the name of “fairness,” which is just a code word for their sense of entitlement. We have witnessed these people defecate on police cars in public and store owners have told horror stories of their bathrooms being destroyed by the protesters. In one instance, some protesters actually defecated on the floor of a restaurant bathroom. Is there a clearer example of their belief they have the right to enslave others than defecating wherever they want and simply expecting others to clean it up? I daresay even slave owners in the South used outhouses.

Steyn goes on to draw a parallel between the Eloi–a shiftless and effeminate race of future humans kept as cattle by industrious, underground dwelling monsters in H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine–and the protesters who are demanding a Utopia on earth where they produce nothing all day but have all their needs met by an invisible hand that does all the work out of sight and mind. One wonders how many of these protesters would agree to having a few of their numbers butchered and eaten by we producers in return for our hard work–at least we wouldn’t be making a profit!

The difference between the Eloi and the protesters is that the protesters seek to rule over us all. This protest is the tyranny of the majority that the founding fathers warned about. We can mock the protests, and they are indeed worthy of mockery, but even supposed libertarians like Ron Paul and his personality cult are supporting the “revolution,” one which ends with people having no economic freedom and the working, productive citizens of this country forced to provide for the masses with no hope of profiting from their labor.

These protests are exposing to the world what the Left has always worked for in secret: a collectivist slave state where the mob rules. Too many people are laughing this off, but when these protesters disband they will emerge from their makeshift camps more dedicated than ever to enslaving the rest of us. Tens of thousands of our fellow citizens will spend the rest of their lives attempting to destroy our Republic and replace it with a democratically run slave state. We know this because this is what they’re demanding. I fail to see the humor in any of this.