We Shouldn't Forgive Paul Krugman for his Disgusting 9/11 Column

It was not surprising to find that Paul Krugman’s vile 9/11 blog post was well received by the anti-American, immoral left. For the most part leftists were honest in their support for the idea that America is essentially the villain on the world stage and that even if the victims of the 9/11 attacks didn’t mercilessly deserve their fates, justice for them would involve nothing more than appeasing their murderers. This argument obviously does not go over well with the majority of Americans. Thus we have Tommy Christopher’s novel defense of Krugman which hinges on us accepting one unbelievable proposition:

Krugman writes several stupid, wrong things in that small space, but upon reflection, I think critics left, right, and center ought to cut Krugman some slack. The 9/11 anniversary is a tough day for everyone, and people handle grief in different ways.

In other words, Paul Krugman is actually just so hurt and bereaved by the death of three thousand Americans he’s lashing out in inappropriate ways. But he’s really a good guy.

I’ve heard this same idea a hundred times. As a crime blogger I get comments and emails from the friends and families of some criminal who all say the same thing. So and so didn’t really mean to beat his wife/kill his girlfriend/rape a child – he’s just going through something. The common thread is always that the degenerate in question is misunderstood and people should, as Tommy Christopher puts it in his essay, cut them some slack.

Christopher Hitchens’ greatest accomplishment in life was to put a name to this sort of inanity when he coined the phrase “sinister piffle.”

Paul Krugman is an mean-spirited communist who won a Nobel Prize advocating economic policies designed to take away personal freedom and starve large swathes of the world. Krugman hates America – most communists do. Krugman advocates irresponsibly low interest rates that have done nothing but wipe out the purchasing power of the meager savings Americans have as inflation in food and fuel reaches double digits. This supposed liberal claimed that America would be a socialist country if we weren’t a bunch of racist scumbags.

But his anti-American grievance mongering is in some way out of character? This was just a bad day?

Do we really believe that a man who pines away for America to embrace a philosophy that murdered 50,000,000 people in the 20th century is grieving for 3,000 capitalists? More importantly, must we play this game with people like Tommy Christopher?

I’ve never interacted with Tommy Christopher so I don’t know if he’s a nice guy, but I dislike the pretension. Tommy Christopher is always trotted out by conservatives as the good liberal, and maybe he is. But defending Krugman is basically as good as modern liberalism gets. It’s time for Americans to understand that.

Paul Krugman and the left in general don’t value your life, much less the lives of the dead. In pursuit of their asinine political and economic theories they will be happy to wipe out your life savings. They will rail against any act of patriotism, they will attack any display of faith and will recoil at the virtues that almost all Americans value. Honor, loyalty, faith, honesty – these are not virtues in leftist thought. In the minds of leftists these are pretensions that bitter gun clinging Bible thumpers use to attack their intellectual betters.

That’s the real reason Krugman and many other lefties have these bizarre and disgusting reactions. 9/11 is when we as a nation honor the sacrifices of the heroes who died on that day and renew our commitment to defending American values from militant Islam, nihilistic leftism and all the other forces that seek our destruction. It’s when the country comes together not as a nation of different peoples, but as one people who stand united against evil. Leftism supposes a world where the very people we honor on 9/11 -the cops, the firefighters, the stockbrokers – are evil.

Rather than pretend that Krugman was grieving, it’s time we acknowledge the true ideological divide in this county. It’s never been just about low taxes or gun control or unions; it’s about a small group of misanthropes promoting anti-Americanism caused by their own misanthropy.

Never forget 9/11, but more importantly, never forget that there are forces in the world that celebrated it. Whether it’s the jihadists who plan such attacks, the Palestinians who danced in the streets that day, or the bitter kook who rubs out a screed designed to hurt America’s collective feelings, there are people in this world whose hate drives them to fathomless depths of depravity. We must never condone that by extending our forgiveness.