The End of an Illusion

Four nights of uncontrollable violence in England have stripped away the illusion of safety the English people embraced in exchange for their freedoms. In a country where the people abdicated personal responsibility for government guarantees of security, the right and responsibility of individuals to defend themselves, their families and their property seemed to be a barbarous relic of the past. Now, disarmed and unprepared, English citizens squared off with wave upon wave looters, muggers, rapists and murderers who all realized how empty the guarantees of the welfare state are.

When Sunday Telegraph editor Andrew Gilligan told his own story of victimization during the London riots he touched on the truth of the matter which many are obscuring with politics:

Bleeding a little, I thought I might as well call 999. It was a recorded message. After four and a half minutes, a tired man answered. “There’s nothing we can do,” he said. “You know what’s going on. We have to give priority to saving people’s lives. I suggest you just go home.”

He was right, of course. I was in Hackney – which, that evening at least, was a law-free zone. That’s the worst thing about riots. Across much of London on Monday night, if someone had decided to break down your door and rape your daughter, there would have been nothing to stop them. There would have been no one to call.

When I was mugged, I was on my way home from a day in Tottenham, listening to the stories of the people who had lost far more and been at far greater risk than me, burned out of their homes at 30 seconds’ notice.

They called 999 too, frantically, desperately, as the riot moved closer. There were 100 police just up the road. The emergency operator could do nothing but listen to their terror.

I finished my journey in a cab. Three or four times, we had to stop and skirt round hooded boys spilling into the road, our windows closed and the door lock on. If they had fancied my taxi, there would have been nothing I or the driver could have done about that, either.

Even on Monday, the victims of Tottenham, black and white, were already tired of outsiders blaming racism, police brutality, or cuts. (What were they rioting about in prosperous, suburban Enfield – rising season-ticket prices?) The real reason for the rioters’ behaviour is much simpler: because they can.

Indeed. The people who claim the riots are merely about race have not watched the videos of white thugs beating and robbing people at random. More importantly they make the same logical fallacy radical feminists make when they claim rape is about being male. Like rape, these riots are driven by power and morality.

The thugs have power – Liberalism has neutered the British and taken away any threats that violent criminals would fear. The police are afraid and ineffective. The people are disarmed and unused to being responsible for their own safety. It is more likely in England that a person defending themselves from an attack will be arrested by authorities than held out publicly as a hero. The English collectively surrendered their personal power to the state in the name of “progress” and naively believed the state would keep order. The joke of liberal England’s idea of law and order keeps papers like The Sun in business.

As bad as things were in England there was still an illusion of state authority – criminals ran from police. But increasingly large groups have found that they could easily challenge the hamstrung and politicized law enforcement agencies. These riots began when the street collectively realized that the police simply couldn’t challenge the power of the mob.

And when the police are overwhelmed the English people are, by design, helpless. How can the British defend their homes and their families from mobs? The only way for law abiding citizens to defend themselves from mob violence is access to weapons. The English allowed that same government to prohibit them from owning weapons for self-defense. The mass victimization of these powerless dependents is inevitable as the overburdened state is exposed as the paper tiger it is.

Add to this mix the rejection of Western values and traditional morality and you have a recipe for long term civil unrest. To be sure, leftist class and race warfare rhetoric has much to do with the violence, but that’s only half the problem. Western Civilization has embraced “multicultural” viewpoints that create ghettoized populations that see no benefit in accepting common morality. Worse, European style multiculturalism actually teaches our children that our traditional values are evil. Little wonder that among those arrested in London was the 19-year-old daughter of a millionaire who was caught in a car with stolen electronics, cigarettes and booze. Her liberal education taught her to throw her lot in with the rioters and wage war against the “rich” including her own family.

We have replaced the virtues of self-reliance, individuality and ambition with selfishness, greed and irrational class envy. We’ve allowed generation after generation to be indoctrinated into a nihilistic ideology that presupposes a universe of subjective morality and in England the authorities disarmed the people who were most likely to be victimized. We do all this because we think it won’t matter to us; that the society can continue to function even as we allow the left to purposefully disenfranchise larger and larger portions.

In four bloody nights the English have had the illusion shattered. Cowed and beaten, the majority of people in London can only hope that the rioters have spent themselves. The Labor dream of a “progressive” society has been shattered by the army of malcontents they created in the hopes of building voting majorities for their sick and poisoned social democracy. The English gave away their power to a government that empowered the worst among them, now they are paying the price for their suicidal idealism. One day the the garbage will froth out of the sewer of England’s welfare state and drown the decayed and decadent remains of a once great empire once and for all. And the English people up to their necks in the unwashed tide of this gluttonous, amoral, savage ocean of sub-humanity will be sucked under one by one until the whole of England is gone.

Are we better off here in America? No. Before the London riots we were plagued by violent “flash mobs” even while the left calls for rioting in support of their petty and farcical agendas. While our cities are assaulted by these mobs our liberal friends have been seeking more restrictions on your right to bear arms and attacking your right to defend yourself. They want you to accept the illusion of safety which has already been shattered like a smoke filled mirror.

You are on you’re own in life. The agents of the state cannot and will not die acting as your bodyguard. The schools have taught your children to crave your blood and the welfare state that sated the most dangerous among us is running out of money. You are not safe and the left has done everything in its power to fill our streets with predators, thugs and radicals who are all one e-vite away from going on a rampage. One tweet, one Facebook posting is all it will take to have you and your family fighting for their lives. Are you prepared for that?

Those who aren’t still believe in the illusion of a safe and civil society. That society hasn’t existed since the New Left gained power and with our economy collapsing around us you are a fool to believe that you are not in peril. Riots like those in London will come here, and in the meantime our cities will the stalking grounds of Internet-organized gangs of youth intent on robbery, rape and murder. Can the police keep you safe from that?

No one cares as much about your personal safety as you, and no one can guarantee your safety but you. It is time to admit we are entering a new dark age where strength is more valuable than your misplaced compassion, misguided charity and ineffective politicking. Buy a gun and learn to use it. Work to ensure that only politicians who respect the 2nd Amendment are elected. Teach your friends and family how to protect themselves and join the neighborhood watch program. In the near future you’ll be glad you did.