Life is Cheap if You're a Child in America

A woman in North Carolina by the name of Darlene Enos was arrested when authorities learned that she allowed a man she met on a BDSM dating site to rape her 1-year-old daughter. Authorities only learned of the crime after the rapist, Vincent McDougald, bragged about raping the child to another woman interested in sado-masochism. That person, a damaged stranger with some sort of sexual dysfunction, alerted the police – the family and friends of Darlene Enos never did.

Sometimes when I discuss crime blogging with people who don’t spend much time reading about such things, they talk about how shocking this case or another one is, but this is pretense. Even the most unaware American has heard dozens of stories just like the one above, or worse. We live in a society that sells Charles Manson t-shirts and teaches children that a racist serial killer named Che Guevara was a hero but we’re shocked by violent crime? Cultural conservatives complain bitterly about the sexualization of children in the entertainment industry but they seem shocked by the rampant sexual abuse of those same children. We pretend that the so-called culture wars have no casualties to hide from the painful reality that the Left has largely won those wars and we are now reaping the whirlwind that their class and race war rhetoric has sown.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the plight of children in our country. The traditional Western view of children has always been that they are blessings, gifts from the divine that are both the purpose of life and the mechanism through which we achieve immortality on earth. But for several generations we have been taught that children are obstacles to our happiness, that children are the ending of our lives not the continuation of it. We resent our children, we imagine that they keep us from leading full lives. Starting with the baby boomers every generation envisioned that full life as one of promiscuous sex, rampant drug use and eternal adolescence. In this environment children are at best accessories, objects to be used in our selfish and too often depraved pursuits, extras in our psychodramas that are easily ignored when inconvenient and cast aside when we’re done with them.

It’s little wonder that children are victimized by those who have clearly been taught to treat them as objects and not people.

A woman in Washington named Jasmine Marie Ritchey was arrested after she was found to have thrown her newborn infant in a trashcan. She was actually in a hospital at the time and could have left the child with a worker and been home in time for dinner but decided instead to tie the child’s umbilical cord around his neck and place him under the garbage can liner. He was blue when he was found but was saved by alert hospital staff.

A San Antonio woman named Kristen Lea Bush was arrested after a friend of hers found videos recorded on Bush’s cell phone depicting the woman molesting a young girl. It is believed that she was sending the images to others.

In Ohio, 29-year-old Lenny Love admitted to raping his 6-month-old son. Love is HIV positive and the child has now been infected. Another HIV positive man in Ohio, one Dr. Matthew Eugene Atha, was found to have been raping an 11-year-old girl over a period of two years.

Children just out of the womb being straggled, molested, raped and infected by the miscreants our culture of death creates is the foreseeable conclusion of the leftist driven cultural decline of the West. Even the pro-life movement has embraced the Left’s antipathy toward children. Our most ardent advocates of life accept the idea that giving birth out of wedlock ruins the mother’s life, or that a teen mother who chooses not to abort is dealing with her “mistake.”

Children are not mistakes. They are not burdens or obstacles to our personal fulfillment. When we degrade childbirth and parenting, as imperfect as many situations are, we give license to the degradation of our children by a spoiled, selfish and resentful public. So often children are abused because the people surrounding them have been taught to hate them. We have all been taught that children stop you from living life to the fullest, they anchor you to a meaningless existence. Then we are aghast when that resentment is manifested?

Life is cheap in America, especially for children. It’s cheapened by a society that thinks individualism means selfishness, that adulthood means personal freedom without any moral responsibility and that any encroachment on your penny-ante desires is an affront to the very idea of liberty.

We have a culture so morally backward that people would rather throw their children in the sewer than pick themselves up out of the gutter.

When will we challenge this culture of death with a true culture of life? When will we push back against the misanthropy and decadence? What good is defunding Planned Parenthood in a society where Casey Anthony has fans and groupies that send her gifts? Our food banks are empty, our foster system is full and our neighbors are raping their children. We need to do more than “like” pro-life videos on Facebook to fix this.

We need to embrace the love of life that the Left, and especially the “pro-choice” movement, has been so successful at perverting. It is not our own lives we need to love, but the loves of the weakest among us. We need to convince everyone that children are a gift and that means doing more than saying so in forums or to other pro-life advocates. We need to show people we believe that.

That means going further than you have before. We need to spend as much time helping single and teen mothers as the Left does trying to convince them to abort. We need to make sure our food banks are stocked so that needy children can eat, we need to mentor at-risk youth, we need to show children that we honor and respect them even if their parents don’t. We need to create a culture of life that exists separate from being a reaction to the liberal abortion cult. We need to do these things because abortion is only the first in a long line of horrors the Left has in store for children. Those who manage to be born are being born into a world that rejects the divinity of their existence.

Fighting to change that world is time-consuming and expensive. But it will be worth it unless you think life is cheap.