The Death of Morality and the End of America

Last week it was announced that Huffington Post blogger and Columbia University professor David Epstein–who pleaded guilty to incest with his adult daughter–will be allowed to keep his $40,000 a year teaching position. This decision comes even as we learned that he had sexual relations with his biological daughter on school property. If you thought all this was clear grounds for the university to fire this clearly unbalanced miscreant you are naive indeed.

The left has long embraced the view that our morality was not only subjective, but a barbarous relic of the past best left behind like all the other great and noble ideas of Western Civilization. The left has promoted the myth that others have no right to judge you no matter what you’ve done, that you should feel no shame no matter how depraved your actions are. And all Americans have to one extent or another embraced that notion. We wallow in our pens of decadence covered in the filth we pretend is freedom and watch the world built on 5,000 years of Western morality burn around us.

We place so little value on life that unwanted babies are being slaughtered by their parents – and that’s not a metaphor for abortions. I’m talking about a wave of infanticides so common the media barely reports on them:

In Knotts Island, North Carolina a 16-year-old girl named Rebecca Blackmore gave birth to a little girl then stabbed the child to death and hid the body in a closet. She then went to a hospital to seek treatment for herself, the same hospital in which North Carolina’s safe haven law allows mothers to drop off their unwanted newborns no questions asked. I assume she couldn’t have been bothered to carry the baby with her.

In Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania two 20-year-olds, Jennifer Barrise and Christopher Fitzpatrick, gave birth to a daughter that would have been their second child. Barrise and Fitzpatrick claimed they couldn’t afford another child so the “father’ took the newborn behind his place of employment and dropped a cinderblock on her tiny head. Twice. Pennsylvania also has a safe haven law but the pair murdered the child instead.

Molly Jane Roe wasn’t the biological mother of the infant she killed. She was the girlfriend of the father. At some point while babysitting the girl Roe became angry at the father and by her own admission threw the infant against a wall. That wasn’t the whole of the abuse though, authorities found severe bruising to the child’s vaginal area and a bite mark on the child’s back. No one knows for sure why Roe raped and murdered the child, or why she thought she could get away with it.

It is here that we can see the malign influence of the boundry-less left at its very worst. A culture that doesn’t even ostracize a man who was lecturing the right on the morality of torture while defiling his daughter will always produce child abusers, child rapists, and child killers. But the left is not alone in accommodating and even encouraging our cultural debasement. The right – supposed stewards of Western tradition –  have been glad in recent weeks to give the same fellatious treatment to criminals and degenerates for which the left is known.

One need look no further than the reaction to Thomas Ball, the child abusing deadbeat father who set himself on fire after writing a “manifesto” that explicitly calls for burning down court buildings–while people are still in them. In that document he admits busting open his 4-year-old daughter’s lip after she wouldn’t stop “licking him” while he put her to bed, which frankly sounds like a perverted lie. He admits to being $3,000 behind in child support though he could have easily gotten the money and that he was committing suicide specifically to avoid being punished for not paying. He set himself on fire to avoid paying for his own child’s expenses.

But he’s a “warrior” fighting for “men’s rights” against an unjust system according to some. A man who thinks nothing of breaking open a 4-year-old girls lip for “licking him” (which is clearly either something he dreamt up or taught her himself) is a “warrior” to people on the right. A man who commits suicide is now an idol to people who otherwise will tell you they believe in Christian morality. Correct me if I’m wrong but my Christian friends believe the great warrior Thomas Ball is burning even now for committing the Hell-worthy sin of suicide, but some will still hold this animal up as some sort of hero?

Or there’s the online right’s reaction to the Courtney Stodden marriage. The 16-year-old aspiring country singer has married her “manager,” a 51-year-old character actor named Doug Hutchison. One would think that decency would demand that people at least feign disgust at the exploitation of a damaged child by a predatory ne’er-do-well who basically purchased the girl from her trailer trash family. Instead the creepy cradle robber has received equally creepy support from big name bloggers who attempt to titillate their audience with “child modeling” videos. Worse, one blogger claimed that being disgusted by this or someone intervening on this child’s behalf would be Taliban-like and could “destroy families.”

Because being against families selling their daughters to rich old men is exactly what the Taliban stands against.

We live in a society so corrupt that incest is considered a minor foible. Our society has fallen so far that people who are considered intelligent and thoughtful feel comfortable calling a deadbeat father who bloodied a toddler’s lip a victim of the court system, and when he kills himself they proclaim him a hero. As a culture we have laid in the gutter so long that you have to explain to people why the middle aged “manager” of a teen whose family has been selling her as a sex object since she was at least 14 shouldn’t be having sex with her.

We accept all this and refuse to name it as what it is. Evil. Having sex with your own child is evil. Beating a toddler is evil. Depriving your child of resources is evil. Scarring that child for life by committing public suicide is evil. Taking advantage of a teen who is in more need of a mentor than a sperm donor is evil. But in America today all these things are accepted, condoned and encouraged.

So is it any wonder that this post-modern Sodom and Gomorrah produces Rebbeca Blackmores and Molly Roes? Is it really a shock to see young couples smash in their newborns heads rather than go through the “inconvenience” of dropping them off at a hospital? We can hardly be bothered to speak out against men having sex with their own daughters, or tormenting their families. Instead we reward those people with praise, sympathy and celebrity. Christopher Fitzpatrick expected the same support when he crushed his daughter’s skull.

And he will probably get it.

There is a lot of energy on the right to take back our country from the neo-Marxist left, to save our economy and our way of life. But why? Do you envision any future with people who think incest is acceptable? Do you want to live in a world where deadbeat fathers burn down courthouses, a la Thomas Ball’s manifesto, whenever they lose a case? Can you really put your faith in the vermin that infest both the right and the left?

America is not salvageable, not because of our unsustainable debt or the partisan divide but because the majority of Americans have accepted subjective morality. Incest, rape, child murder and exploitation of children can all be rationalized and justified in our society by a people so debased that they promote our moral decay as “progress” or “liberty” and vilify any voice that espouses Western moral tradition. So why should any of us work to stave off a collapse that our valueless culture makes inevitable?

To do anything but prepare yourself and your family for life in the third world America these people are creating, and the new Dark Ages that will follow the collapse of the last bastion of Western Civilization, is madness. It is time to climb out of the gutter and build a bulwark from the chaos these people have set in motion.