The West Must Not Trade Liberty for Islamic "Good Will"

In a stunning act of bipartisan moral cowardice, Harry Reid told the world that he’s considering a “probe” into the Florida pastor who burned a copy of the Koran, while Lindsey Graham announced his belief that Americans should give up their First Amendment rights to avoid offending Muslims. The irony that this shameful display happened on a show called “Face the Nation” was lost on the spineless appeasers who lack the dignity to feel ashamed when surrendering to barbarians thousands of miles away. In the wake of savages rioting in Afghanistan, two of our senior lawmakers are advocating the implementation of Shariah-like laws to protect one religious document above all others.

And what would we get in return? The “good will” of the Muslim street? The same “good will” displayed when Palestinians–who live off U.S. aid–danced in the streets after 9/11?

The European countries that have kowtowed to these barbarians for decades have experienced the “good will” of the Muslim street through the brutal gang rape epidemic in Northern Europe and the out of control Muslim dominated child sex trafficking rings in England. Is this the “good will” we will receive when we abandon our Western values of liberty and free thought at the behest of a corrupt Afghan politician who is stoking anti-American violence?

The pusillanimity of the Left in the face of Islamic imperialism is almost understandable. The feckless, morally bankrupt European Left has long traded their children’s future for their own comfort, safety and petty Marxist hatreds. For the American Left, their pathological hatred of the West trumps their own hollow rhetoric about freedom. To see people on the Right, even “moderates” like Lindsey Graham, promoting the punishment of those who offend the uncivilized sensibilities of the Muslim street is is more than disgusting. Our leaders, the media, and a significant number of Americans do not understand the threat of Jihad, Islamic Imperialism and the internal drive unreformed Islam has toward world domination.

Pastor Terry Jones did not, as Time’s Joe Klein suggests, cause the Koran riots. Islam did. During Friday sermons, Imams told their sheep-like congregations to murder people. These Islamic scholars rallied Muslims to violence. There are reports that Islamic leaders toured cities in cars with loud speakers telling fellow Muslims to riot. How can any rational person see this evil, this madness and conclude that it is we who must conform to their standards?

Klein finishes his piece with this disgusting bit of hyperbole:

Jones’s act was murderous as any suicide bomber’s. If there is a hell, he’s just guaranteed himself an afterlifetime membership.

Burning a book he owned is as murderous as blowing up innocent people? Is this what the West has become?

Jones didn’t steal this Koran from a mosque to desecrate it as Muslims have been known to steal Bibles to desecrate while burning churches; he walked into a book store and purchased a copy. He didn’t burn the “Holy Koran” General David Petraeus claimed in a statement meant to appease people who molest boys on a regular basis. Jones burned his copy of the Koran, which was printed for profit by some American company. I was always under the impression that in America you could do what you want with your own possessions. I guess not if it might offend Muslims.

Clearly the Muslim rioters in Afghanistan are not interested in extending the same courtesy to other religions as they are violently demanding of others. Australia’s oldest Hindu temple has suffered a rash of vandalism by Muslims which culminated in the temple being riddled with bullets. I don’t recall any voices from the West demanding a “probe” into Muslim attacks on Hindus. Or Coptic Christians. Or Jewish children.

I don’t recall Joe Klein being worked up over the massacre of the Fogel family, and he didn’t claim the Palestinians who celebrated the butchering of that family by passing out sweets were hell-bound. So now when Muslims commit Manson-esque mass murders, we simply look the other way, but when a man burns a book he owns we’re to fall upon our swords to appease our Muslim “friends” and earn some of their famous “good will.”

That “good will” is purchased through submission to militant Muslims and their imperialist creed. That the “good will” of these barbarians is expressed through rape, murder and forced conversions doesn’t factor into any of these craven traitors’ calls for doing Al-Qaeda’s dirty work. But even if the “good will” of Muslims actually meant they’d leave us in peace, the price for that peace is too high. The West has been the light in a world of darkness since the ancient Greeks and possibly before that. Our values, our liberty and freedom, should be held out to the world as examples to emulate, not meekly modified by people who are cowed by special interests.

It is the militant Muslims who should be setting aside their traditions of brutal violence and sheepish devotion to a medieval theology that authorizes perversion and evil in the name of their god. It is the West that should be forcing the Islamic world to earn our good will and until they do we should be cutting off our funding for them. America, the last bastion of Western civilization on Earth, must not go the way of feeble, flaccid Europe.

All Americans have a right to buy and burn any book they choose. All Americans have a right to criticize any religion they choose, any way they choose. We are free to speak our truths to whoever is in power and that is a liberty too important to give up. We should not trade our liberty away for the “good will” of a religio-political system in which the concept of being a good neighbor is completely foreign. We gain nothing by bowing to these outrageous demands, but we will lose everything if we do.

It is time for the West to finally stand against this tide of inhuman barbarity that is sweeping the globe before our elites lead us into the twilight of our civilization. We cannot allow murderers, pedophiles and rapists from abroad dictate to us what is and is not decent behavior. You need not stand with Terry Jones to stand against the attacks on him. He did not cause these riots–militant Muslims did. That should be the only answer our leaders give to any Islamic leader demanding so-called justice.

Originally published at NewsReal Blog