The Koran Riots in Afghanistan: An Indictment of All Islam

7 United Nations workers were murdered by a crowd of angry Muslims in Afghanistan during protests organized by religious leaders. The clerics drove through the city of Mazar-i-Sharif with loud speakers, demanding that Muslims “protest” the burning of a Koran by a Florida pastor.

Two of the UN workers were beheaded.

The leftist media here is placing the blame squarely on Koran burner Terry Jones while desperately clinging to the myth of the peaceful Muslim protest that “just got out of control”–no doubt hijacked by a that tiny minority of extremists the media thinks is responsible for over 1,000 years of Islamic Imperialism. But when the Left here makes excuses for Muslim barbarity they ignore reality and the internal drives of unreformed Islam that make Muslims predisposed to mayhem and violence.

There is no other religious group on Earth that murders and rapes more people whenever they feel attacked and insulted nor is there one that attacks and insults other religions as regularly. While the Muslims in Afghanistan murdered innocent people because one man in Florida burned a Koran, Saudi authorities tortured and arrested two Indian Christians for praying. During the arrest Saudi religious police trampled the victims’ Bibles and tore the holy books.

Where are the Christian riots? How many people will be murdered in retaliation for Saudi Arabian religious police desecrating Bibles?

Malaysian authorities desecrated Bibles headed to their country’s Christians, but so far there have been no mass murders by Christians there. Why is that?

The Fogel Family massacre was celebrated by Palestinian Muslims who passed out sweets in joyous revelry over the butchering of Jewish children. Does anyone remember Jews worldwide attacking Muslim families in protest?

Of course not, because Jews and Christians are part of a Western moral tradition that seeks to rise above barbarity. Even hate cults like the Westboro Baptists don’t murder their critics and the Branch Davidians only took up arms when they believed they were backed into a corner–and had never terrorized their neighbors. Our religious extremists are less prone to violence that the average Muslim in any Islamic country.

But Islam doesn’t just fall short morally when measured against other Abrahamic faiths. In religiously pluralistic America we have many examples of religions being slandered or insulted but no examples of a religion’s adherents taking to the streets en masse to rape, pillage and kill because their collective feelings were hurt.

In 1987 Martin Sheen stared in the extremely racist anti-Voodoo film “The Believers” which was literally a Castroite screed designed to excuse communist oppression of African Diaspora religions. Yet as slanderous as the film was, there were no mobs of Voodoo worshipers on the streets burning down movie theaters at the behest of their priests and priestesses. Martin Sheen was not targeted for death.

How is it that the Left in America and the leftist media can promote a narrative where rampaging Muslims are considered better neighbors than the Haitian immigrant who simply wants to to sacrifice the occasional chicken while praying for a sick relative to get better?

Even the West’s devil worshipers are more law abiding than the Muslim street. When long time proponent of the Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax Diana Napolis ended up losing her job as a social worker after it was discovered that her delusional witch hunt led to innocent people having their children removed by the state, she took her war on Satanism to the web. Posting as “Curio,” Napolis spent nearly a decade harassing people she thought were part a an international satanic conspiracy, including Temple of Set founder Michael Aquino. Aquino, at one time an officer in the U.S. Army, was accused of running a child sexual abuse camp for the CIA. Napolis, who was arrested for stalking Jennifer Love Hewitt (and she said tried to control her mind) still harasses Aquino via frivolous lawsuits and false charges of sexual abuse.

Aquino does little but threaten to sue for slander. Imagine if Napolis was targeting a mainstream imam instead of a Satanist. Would Napolis be as safe? Would she even be alive if she stalked and harassed a Muslim Imam? Napolis was ultimately arrested for stalking celebrities like Hewitt and Steven Spielberg, who dealt with her more harshly than the Satanist she was attacking.

All Terry Jones did was burn a book he owned, and even now the Pakistani Interior Minister is demanding that Interpol arrest the American pastor. Devil worshipers in our country turn the other cheek to people who try to send them to jail with false child rape accusations. “Peaceful” Muslims in every part of the world will murder their neighbors because they are offended by the actions of one man a thousand miles away, then demand that the man who killed no one be arrested.

Satanists are less likely than Muslims to murder people who insult them. Think about that for a second.

Is it not obvious that there is something unique to Islam that causes even its so called moderate members to rape, murder and desecrate? There is no other religion on Earth responsible for the sheer amount of rapine and depravity as Islam, no religious group more likely to murder you for religious reasons than Muslims. Reform minded Muslims fight an uphill battle against religious texts that explicitly call for the rape, murder and torture of anyone who doesn’t accept Islam.

Yet Islam is the one religion leftists in America will defend no matter what Muslims do. Some people are confused by this, but the love for the “Religion of Peace” by the Left is perfectly rational when you look at union violence in places like Wisconsin. Both groups believe in the tyranny of the majority, and in mob rule through violence. The Left admires the Islamic proclivity for violence which is why they have allied themselves with Islam.

It is also why they won’t speak this simple truth to the powerful Muslim world: until there is some Muslim version of The Enlightenment, the Muslim world will dwell in barbarity. Unless Muslims accept the light of the West and adopt Western values of religious pluralism, rational debate there will always be riots like the one in Mazar-i-Sharif. These riots are Islam’s legacy to the world; they are an expression of Islamic faith. Muslims have no moral authority to lecture the West when their own lands are benighted, blood-soaked islands of evil where no non-Muslim is safe.

7 more lives sacrificed on the altar Islam and the media says it’s the fault of one attention-seeking man in Florida. It is not. It is the fault of Islam that those people are dead. These riots should be an indictment of a religion that began as a warlord’s vanity and continues as a hate cult. Until Muslims want more from their own people, we should expect nothing less than decade after decade of havoc and horror at the hands of the very worst humanity has to offer.

Originally published at NewsReal Blog