Health Care Legislation: The Natives Are Restless

I knew the break for congress would be a little testy – for them.  We are starting to see video from town hall meetings where average citizens are standing up and making their voices heard.

Russ Carnahan from St.  Louis had his turn also:

Same way with Steve Kagen from Wisconsin:

I could go on and on posting video, but the message is the same.

How does the DNC (Democratic National Committee) respond?  In typical fashion.  See the new ad below:

Let me get this straight…it’s a first amendment right for protesters on the left to disagree with a Republican president, but it’s civil disobedience and mob mentality for common sense citizens (from both sides of the aisle) that are fed up with the congressional malpractice.  Hmmm.  Just wanted to make sure I had things correct.

Note to all members of Congress, it’s not going to be a fun break.  The best thing you can do is hide in your bunker and count the days until you get to go back to Washington.  Maybe you won’t hear “Read the Bill, Read the Bill, Read the Bill,” in your sleep.  I can only hope you will, but my breath will not be held.