Adrift In The Liberal Gyre

The Democrat party boat is taking on water…and nothing can be done to stop it!

Libs are increasingly dissatisfied with Obama’s performance. Oh, he’s delivered nationalized health care and several big stimulus slush funds. He’s also succeeded in setting the Middle East on fire and thrown our pals, the Israelis, under the broken-down Islamic bus. It apparently hasn’t come fast or far enough for so many on the Marxist left.

Dem strongholds like Detroit, Camden, New York, and all of California continue to flounder in idiotic political correctness, hopelessly blown budgets, and blatantly visible corruption. Now, Joe “Everyman” Biteme, James “Middle Class” Hoffa, Maxine “I’m Troubled” Waters, and all their peeps in the media are making outright threats at the Tea Party. It’s pathetic. Name one thing the Tea Party has done to scuttle America! One! That’s right, nothing…nada…zilch!

How long until the bilge pumps quit altogether?

Everybody knows that Obama and his radical friends are wrecking the economy. The Dems knows that the Big-Eared One has no job plan. Today, the word came out that Obama’s detailed plan is so comprehensive that it will need several speeches to get the concepts across. Riiiiight! Liberals know that the only thing on Obama’s radar, is campaigning for 2012. His actions over the last three years certainly have demonstrated that he has no answers and no clue as to how to avoid the rocks directly in front of the bow.

Yet, Liberal colleagues and friends continue to cling to the sinking SS Obama.

In spite of the fact that many of these sheeple have years of business experience and advanced college degrees, they display an extraordinary lack of knowledge of American history and the Tea Party.

Don’t they see that history is repeating itself? Don’t they see that Liberal-Marxist based ideology like the New Deal, the Great Society, or now Hope & Change, never works?

Why don’t they get off the sinking ship?

Are they clueless? Are they stupid? Seems like all they might have left is their own self-destructive pride.

Why don’t they come over to the fun and prosperous side of the aisle.

Everybody sees Obama slipping. He’s riding low in the water. His mistakes and decisions will ensure that prosperity will not return to America any time soon. CBS Chicago reports that Illinois may lay off thousands of state workers, because they don’t have any more money. You’d think some of those people would want to find a better home port for their families and the country.

Contrast the Tea Party, proud American businessmen, and people like Sarah Palin with Democrats.

The first group are ambitious, innovative, looking forward to the future, and HAPPY.

The Democrats are super-aggressive, bitter, spoiling for a fight, and MISERABLE.

How could you be so unhappy in such a rich and bountiful country, like the United States.

Savage says they have a dangerous mental disorder. Could he possibly be right? He’s a Tea Party kind of guy.

Darkness is settling in on the nearly submerged Democrats. The sharks are circling and they are adrift in the middle of the Liberal Gyre!

Rob Reilly is a soft-spoken, rabid, redneck, gun-owning, Right Wing, pro-Capitalist writer. He enjoys Tea Party events, wearing his Gadsden Flag or DADDD (Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats) t-shirts when he knows Liberals are around, and waging his own little psychological war on tyrannical Socialists. His tech byline occasionally appears in various print publications and extreme-traffic Web sites. Give Rob a piece of your mind at [email protected].

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Story originally posted on AllRightMagazine.com on 09/07/2011.